Clary is an OH SO talented photographer based out of the St. Louis area.

We’re SOOOOOO glad she brought her family to Indianapolis for some photos because uhm… well, you’ll see… 😀


Meet Hughes, he’s a giggler and we’re crazy about him!  Notice little Jettie back there eating her shoes? HAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah, we’re in love with this family!




The ADORABLE Jettie!




Hail hail the gangs all here!





I kinda can’t get over how perfect they all are.



















AHHHHHH!!!!!! HOW FLIPPING CUTE IS THIS?!  One of my favorites ❗






A bobbi+mike FAAAAAAAVORITE!!!!!! ❗





I couldn’t resist her beauty…






INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Hughes had us laughing the entire shoot!  His cuteness was a little bit too much for us to handle.  His little giggle… I wish I had a video of him so you could hear it.  And the SWEEEEEETNESS that is Jettie??!?! She smiles at the drop of a hat!  All I had to do was sing… However, the melodious tunes that were coming out of my mouth that day would make any child smile… I’m sorry that I’m such a good singer and I might intimidate you with my talents. HA!

And to Clary and Travis… you guys ROCK!  I cannot WAIT to photo you again!  You REALLY do have a PERFECT family.  Can we be you when we grow up?!

Life doesn’t get much better than this!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

PS. Mike just pointed out that I used approximately 1,762 exclamation points in this entry.  Don’t be mad that I was yelling this entire time. 😀 Can you blame me?! THIS FAMILY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, my husband smiles when he shoots.  Yes, he’s perfect in every way.





Okay so this is SOOO CUUUUUTE!  Remember I mentioned earlier that Mikey took the kids for a bit while I took photos of just Clary and Travis?  We were all finished when we walked over to find THIS!  He quickly said, “she wouldn’t stop crying and needed to be held!”  He was a bit embarrassed that we caught him.  HAHAHAHA!!!!! I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!

PS. to our moms… don’t get your hopes up 😀





YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! 😀 Man oh man, Mikey and I are quite freckled this summer!