Here is the last family session of 2011, and it couldn’t have ended more beautifully.  If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you already now this team… as this is the third time we’ve photo’d them. The first time was 3.5 years ago, then again 2 years ago. Now… here they are, still the perfect family. 🙂
These kids have grown a TON in the last two years… I was a little overwhelmed when they popped out of their car.  My favorite thing about this image? Look at the way Travis and Hughes are standing. SAME/SAME!I’m absolutely in love with this family. How could I not be?!Clary and Travis, hang these next three on your wall, in a series. k? k. Or… just hang this one as a HUGE canvas in your living room. Either way will be fine. 😉In the midst of processing these images I sent Clary a message, “I just got a little emotional while processing the images from your session… we’ve all come a long way in three years! Thanks for asking us to photograph your perfect family, it’s a huge honor. Huge!”  I, from the bottom of my heart, could not be more honored that a photographer who is as talented as Clary asks us to photograph her family.  It’s, to this day, one of my favorite accomplishments.
During the session, we were walking around an area we had never been as Clary is describing all of the things around. I jokingly respond, “It doesn’t matter to me, we could photograph your perfect little family in a parking lot!” And a few minutes later these next two images happened… in a parking lot… 😉I sneak peeked this image on our Facebook page. Soon after I got an email from Clary, “I’m crying at my computer. One day she’ll be all grown up and as much as I can’t wait for that, on the other hand I want to keep her at this age where she fits in my lap and wants to leave carrots for Santa’s reindeer and randomly dances to songs anywhere we go. Now I have it captured. Thank you.” …and then I teared up too. It’s one of my favorite family photos of all time. ❗ I love you guys. 


St Louis, Mo.

clary+travis ::  married 7 years  ::  1.31.04  together 14 years  ::  1.31.97

Clary ::  hometown: Edwardsville, Ill.  ::  Photographer

Travis ::  hometown: Edwardsville, Ill.  ::  Civil Engineer

Hughes ::  6 years old  ::  05.04.05

Jettie ::  almost 4 years old  ::  01.09.08

How they met, as told by Clary ::  “We met in Junior High while playing characters in ‘Tied to the Tracks.’ He told my best friend he liked me and when she let me know; my words were… ‘If I ever date Travis Pfeiffer shoot me!’ #humblepie”


The obligatory crazy self portrait on a reflective surface. 🙂Mike asked Hughes to be his big helper. He was happy to help and took that job (as you can clearly see) very seriously. Though, big helper or not… you still have to hold someone’s hand when crossing the street. 🙂Jettie requested a photo with me… and then my heart burst into a zillion pieces. 😀 “But of course, I’d love a photo with you!” Photo taken by Clary.Right after taking that photo with the arrow, I look behind me and see THIS happening!
…which is a far cry from the same scenario 3 years ago! Regardless of his awkwardness back then you can tell how much she’s always adored him… 😀

Much love friends!


❗ + ❓