cindy & matt
cindy & matt
cindy & matt
chicago, il

See Matt’s cuff links?BobbiSHeridanSuch pretty brown eyes!02_bobbiphoto_cmw15STATE FAIR HAIR! 😉 It always impresses me what hair starts like vs how beautifully it ends. 😀03_bobbiphoto_cmw15 Matt and his groomsmen attached a GoPro to this bottle of Fireball… it took them quite a while to get the placement jusssst right. On the left, that’s dad. 🙂
05_bobbiphoto_cmw1504_bobbiphoto_cmw15MARRIED!06_bobbiphoto_cmw15This was taken riiiiight before a Cubs game. Needless to say it was chaos at the stadium… so what do I do?! Lay down in the middle of the sidewalk so I could crop out said chaos. TOOOOTALLY worth it! My favorite ❗
09_bobbiphoto_cmw15Love this. 07_bobbiphoto_cmw15 08_bobbiphoto_cmw1510_bobbiphoto_cmw1511_bobbiphoto_cmw1513_bobbiphoto_cmw15Nice socks Matt. 😀12_bobbiphoto_cmw15Cindy’s parents toasting. 14_bobbiphoto_cmw15Bobbi SheridanBobbi SheridanMatt with his momma. 15_bobbiphoto_cmw1516_bobbiphoto_cmw1517_bobbiphoto_cmw15Thanks you two for everything! 😀18_bobbiphoto_cmw15


Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗

HA!19_bobbiphoto_cmw15See in the bottom right? Red hair on the ground? Yep, that’s me. 😉20_bobbiphoto_cmw15See the wide angle under-the-bridge groomsman image above? There’s a photo of me taking said photo! And on the right… BOBBI BRIDES! U-Um, Bobbi and Cindy. 😀