What a perfect little family 🙂 Can't you hear the giggle when you see this? Oh well… maybe it's just me because I was there to HEAR the giggle. 😀





Here's Ben. 🙂 He has the CUUUUUUTEST dimples!





And Charlie, the miracle boy 🙂 (who also happens to have the CUUUUUUUUUTEST dimples)





LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY a favorite! ❗









The only way to trick these young men into posing for a family shot… suckers (suckers) 😀





They have ZERO photos of just the two of them together… so of COURSE we had to remedy that! Mike took over the boys, and I grabbed this 🙂





Hey Cindy and Lance… blow this photo up to a 24×36 canvas. You don't have an option 😉 Yeah… our FAAAAAVORITE!!!! ❗ + ❓
























When we first met this ADORABLE family, Lance said that his only request was a photo of Cindy. According to him, she's a bit camera shy. I didn't believe it at first… she's a hottie, why would she be camera shy?! Anyway… for Valentine's Day, Lance was planning a little gift for Cindy… and needed a photo of her. It was then that he realized that he couldn't even find ONE! SOOOO… bobbi+mike to the rescue! CINDY, you're GORGEOUS… stop that camera shy crap! 😀 WORK IT OUT! She was avoiding it, and had hoped that we had forgotten about it… and right at the end of the shoot I said "come with me, your turn!" She SO didn't want to. But, afterall… it was Valentine's Day! SHE HAD TO DO IT! 😀 So, we gave her the 30 second bobbi special…. my HILAAAAAARIOUS jokes couldn't be avoided! 😀




AUSTIN, Texas. LOVE THESE PHOTOS! LOVE THIS FAMILY! LOVE AUSTIN! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Cindy, aka Mommy… is a photographer based out of Austin. 🙂 We were INCREDIBLY honored and flattered that they chose us to photo THEIR family. I guess it was their first ever family photo shoot 😀 I mentioned earlier that Charlie was a miracle boy. Halfway through the session, she reached into her diaper bag to get something when she pulled out the smallest diaper I've ever seen. She then told me that those were Charlie's first diapers. Wow…. I can't even imagine. Charlie was born at 29 weeks weighing only 2 pounds, 14 ounces. He's such an awesome kid with SO much energy and life. Speaking of energy… these kids were SOOOOOO excited! They never slowed down!!!!! 😀 I suggested to Cindy and Lance that maybe we let them run around like crazy so that they can get all of that excitement out of their system and then we could get some family shots. Cindy and Lance laughed… "they never run out of energy!" Yeah… they were right! 😀 It was just so great to be around 🙂 Needless to say, Mikey and I slept SO well that night 😉 Thanks Cindy for reading our blog. Oh, and thanks for letting me take a photo of just you 🙂 You were a good sport! Oh, and gorgeous, too! DUH! LOVE!!! ~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


This session took place on Valentine's Day. This guy was just walking through the park all alone with this sign and the biggest, cheesiest, most genuine smile ever! 🙂 What a great way to both receive hugs and give them to people who may feel a bit lonely on the most romantic day of the year. After all, we are in the city who has a campaign called "Keep Austin Weird!" So, I expect nothing less.





So what did I do?!





DUH!  I hugged him! 😀