Her engagement ring… my favorite. 🙂 If I were to get mine reset… I'd make it just like hers.  BTW, can you guess what I shot this on?


 Christine, you're cute!






 I don't fullllly remember the story… but I do remember that Christine calls him Wolf… so, as her gift to him, wolf cufflinks.  I'm telling you… two thoughtful brides in a row giving the perfect cufflinks… I see a 2010 trend! 🙂


 You would think that with all of the shoe photos I show on this blog that I was a "shoe person"! hmmm… not the case 🙂 I wear ugly, yet comfortable shoes. 😀 Our brides, however…. have AMAZING taste in shoes!!!! And I DO love photographing amazing shoes… so, maybe I AM in fact a shoe person… just not in the traditional sense 😀


 Dan's funny 🙂


 Such a cool photo!








 This wedding party = INCREDIBLE!!! 


 I was probably saying something incredibly inappropriate. 🙂 It's a specialty of mine. 😀


❗ + ❓ WOWWWWWW TO ST. LOUIS!!!!! One of our FAVORITE photos of ALLLLL time!!!!!! ❗ + ❓


 bring it in TIGHT!


 Christine put lots of energy into her details… and it showed! I'm a fan 🙂


 Their "guestbook"


 Dad's speech 🙂


 OH how I love the first dance!



We had a little competition!





 $10 iTunes gift card to the first person who guesses the song they're singing to… (if you were there, you're ineligible… DUH!)

UPDATE: contest over… It seems that it was guessed pretty early! Sorry I'm getting to this a bit late as I worked out this morning and am JUST NOW sitting down at my computer.  Seriously… after only FOUR comments someone guessed?!?! I need to make these contests more difficult! The answer: Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" So… congrats to Jessica Webb! There were also at least two others who guessed right, also… so big high fives to you!




The people who made this day happen:

Day of Coordinator: Stephanie Burke & Brit Tucker
Hair and Makeup: Holly Speakes – Procolour Cosmetics
Church: Mary Mother of the Church
Florist: Lesher's Flowers
Reception Venue: The City Museum
DJ: Tom Rotter, Block Rockin' Beats
Cake: The Cakery
Etsy: 15 different Etsy vendors contributed to make our day amazing, from our invites to the bridesmaids' individual jewelry items to our rusted table numbers.  My favorite item, however, was my capelet shrug bolero by Madelin Zero



I emailed Christine a series of questions… told her she could pick out whichever ones she wanted to answer 😀

Favorite moment of the day?

Christine: After the recessional, we went straight into the cry room and someone (maybe our coordinator?) shut the door so it was just us and Bobbi.
Dan: I actually thought we were going straight back out to the bus, so I didn't know what was going on
Christine: …it was just us, alone, for a few minutes for the first time in days.
Dan: And it was a perfect first moment together as husband
and wife.


Any advice for future bride/grooms?   

Christine: Hire the following: a Day of Coordinator and bobbi+mike   
Dan: Something my groomsman Ben passed on to me – take a break and put yourself in the moment as much as you can – you've never experienced a day that fast in your life


Funniest memory from your wedding day?     

Christine: This clip being played right before he played the associated song.  Totally us, and totally a suprise (thanks, Tom!)    
Dan: Christine's five year old cousin, after dancing with the tambourine for seemingly hours, turning to Christine at the end of the night saying, "Excuse me, what would you like me to do with this?"  


Favorite bobbi+mike moment?   (for the record, this question wasn't included in my list… they just threw it in! 🙂 )  

Dan: When Mike awarded me "Quote of the Year" for saying, "It only takes one pair of white socks to ruin a wedding".     
Christine: When we stopped for beer after the ceremony and Mike went in to the gas station to get Bobbi a soda and snack.  We're both lucky to have amazing, thoughtful husbands 🙂


What was your favorite thing about your wedding?

Nacho. Cheese. Fountain.  Enough said.


By popular demand… the famous nacho cheese fountain 🙂



Christine and Dan, thank you for having fun with us! From getting ready to the reception… the entire day was full of perfection.  Christine, you did an AMAZING job of planning an incredible day. And to your wedding party… you guys are the DEFINITION of what a wedding party should be!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓




 And, yes yes yes… me with my two brides! Christine and Bridget 🙂


 SO hot.





 Workin' out the "photobooth"!


 Gosh, there's a WHOLE LOTTA me in this blog entry… but I COULD NOT resist taking a photo with THE BEST wedding planners in St. Louis. 🙂 

❗ + ❓