Heya betties!

Healthy train is BACK ONNNN!!!! 😀 Who's in??!?!?!!

Now, I don't want to get too depressing in this first post… so I'll say nothing more than… I've put back on some of the weight that I've lost… the traveling, stress and wedding cake has taken it's toll… and I'm here to turn that poopy around! 


If you don't want to compete… but still want to be on the healthy train… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JOIN US… The MORE THE MERRIER!!!!!!

If you DO want to compete… send in a "before" picture and you HAVE to send it in by Friday.  Your "before" picture has to be taken this week… it can't have been taken a month ago… as that's not really fair… you've had a jump start… get what I'm sayin' yo?! I PROMISE not to post it… as a matter of fact… at the end, only those who send in your "after" photos will be shown. 😀 (Send all photos to bobbi[at]

A few tips on your "before" photo.

  • wear something that is easily comparable to another outfit for your "after" photo. For example… I wear a black shirt and blue jeans… that way, as I lost weight… I could just wear smaller jeans and a smaller black shirt so that it was easy to compare. 
  • stand somewhere that has a clean background… a white wall works perfectly.  Standing in front of clutter makes it difficult for you to see your outline.
  • be sure to take a side and back photo, too. 
  • this doesn't really have anything to do with the photo… but I canNOT stress this enough… MEASURE YOURSELF!!!!! When the pounds aren't coming off… sometimes seeing the inches fly away are FABULOUS for the motivation.  I measure my waist, arms, thighs, bust and hips. Mike measures his waist, chest, arms, thighs and neck.

When does this contest end? November 20th (9 weeks) 😀

What is the prize? A HOT HOT HOT "after" photo session taken by yours truly…. in Indianapolis 😀 Date to be determined based on the weather 🙂 If you don't want a photo session… we'll come up with something else… but, whatever… JOIN JOIN JOIN!

We'll weigh in every other Friday (you just have to say how much you've lost… not how much you weigh). First weigh in is September 25th… then October 9, 23… November 6th and then the 20th! 😀  

Does all of this make sense?

I'm pumped up… hope you are too!

Love 🙂


PS. while I love you all… please please PLEASE report all of your progress in the comments section.. emails/facebook/twitter messages are just too much for me to keep up with. 🙂

PPS. Your support and encouragement means more to me than I could ever express… and I can't thank you all enough.

PPPS. LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDITED TO ADD: Please know that I'm not a judgmental person in THE LEAST… send in your photo… I think you're all beautiful! We all have to start somewhere, right?! I've showed you all my before photos, photos of me as a sweaty mess, hair lookin' all crazy, etc… so, please know that I will NOT judge you! 😀