Our good friends Betsy and John are AWESOME family/portrait photographers.  Weddings aren't really their thing (yet 😀 ).  However, when the AMAZING Cassie and Jason came into their lives… they couldn't say no (and now that we've met them… we TOTALLY understand why!!!!).  She began telling us all about it and how nervous they were about the whole thing… after all…. they had never photographed a wedding before.  We immediately looked at our calendar and said… "we're open that day, we'll help you!" Now I remember back to our first weddings and I remember the part that caused me the most stress were the posed photos of the bridal party, bride, groom, family and bride and groom.  These, as a newbie, were BY FAR the most challenging. (to me anyway)  Why?  Because that's the only part of the day is 100% all the photographers responsibility.  It's ALLLL about creativity, giving direction, moving quickly, etc.  I knew right away when helping someone who has never done a wedding before… that THAT should be our focus.  So, it was 🙂  We showed up for the bridal shots… stayed for the ceremony, bridal party shots, photos of just the bride and groom… and got them started with their flash at the reception. 😀  WOW what an experience this was.  We LOVED every second!!!!!!!  Mike and I learned that we "teach" in very different ways.  He's very diligent, patient, explainative (that's not a word… I know I know), and thorough. I however explain by showing/doing. 🙂  In the world of bobbi+mike, we learned this… we REALLY love helping people become better wedding photographers. 😀 WE HAD SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!
Betsy is awesome!!!!!! I spent most of the day with her… and she did SUCH an amazing job.  She was ON HER GAME throwing out ideas, giving GREAT direction, staying highly organized and well… just being the awesome Betsy that we adore.  John… Second sweetest husband I've ever met (hey, I have to stay loyal to the sweetness that is my Mikey).  He ROCKED out that day! I remember while taking photos of the bridal party I look over and see him with the 70-200 laying on the ground getting some fun angles.  You would have NEVER known that this was their first wedding!!!!! 
Now Cassie and Jason… WOWEEEEEEE!!!!!! Cassie is SO cute & sweet!  Jason is easygoing & fun!  Together… they're AMAZINGLY in love!  I remember Betsy telling me that when she took their engagement pictures that they were so in sync that they even blink at the same time.  I laughed… thinking maybe it was just a fluke. NOPE… as I was going through our photos… she was right… they really do blink at the same time!  HA! 😀

Alright… on to the photos 😀  Now, we're SO proud of the photos that we took of them. But, we can't take all of the credit… Betsy & John did such an awesome job of getting them comfortable with getting their photo taken during their engagement session.  And well… they're gorgeous and as I already mentioned VERY in love.  So yeah… we were set up for a win win situation.  (Oh, and they scheduled their b&g photos during sunset… YEAH… HOW LUCKY WERE WE!?)

I've been playing with some vintage-y warm processing lately… whaddaya think?! Here's a BIG 'OL shout out to the Totally Rad Actions REVENGE set. 🙂 No worries… we still love our rich colors 😀

Their ceremony was held at Salomon Farms in Fort Wayne, Ind.  If I could do my wedding over again… I would DEFINITELY do it there!!!!!!!!!!! It was simple but gorgeous.  Oh, and the light was amazing.  


Jason, you're adorable.  Look at how he looks at her?! WOW TO THAT LOVE!   Cassie's dad officiated their wedding.  He was talking about how in love they were and said, "What is love? It's a photo of these two by Betsy and John…."  WHAT?!  HOW SWEEEEEEEET WAS THAT?!  NEVER have we heard the photographer be mentioned during a wedding ceremony… so CLEARLY Betsy and John made a HUGE impression! 





  The bridal party WORKIN' it out!  See Blue Steel there on the right?


  wow. speechless.




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I've ALWAYS wanted to take photos of a bride and groom in tall grass… ALLLLLLWAYS!  When we pulled up to the ceremony site I started EXPLODING with ideas!!!!!!! I'm ready to go back there.  Next time I'm in Fort Wayne… Someday I'd REALLY love to shoot an engagement session here.




  This is genuinely one of my favorite photos I've EVER taken.  AYKM?!

Mike is THE BEST at finding different angles on things.  We were heading to our cars when he took this. Seriously… doesn't it look like he set it up?!  He's so good.  I love you Mike. 

Cassie and Jason had one job to do for their little photo session… BE IN LOVE!  CHECK AND MARK!!!!!!  A quick piece of advice when planning photos on your day… when it's just photos of the two of you, try to be alone 🙂  As in… no family, no bridal party, no nothing (DOUBLE NEGATIVE… EEEEKS!).. just the two of you and our cameras. 🙂  I say this for a couple of reasons 1) it's the first and pretty much the only time you're alone together on your wedding day… and it's an AWESOME feeling! 2) it's less stressful.  3) it's easier to be yourself, be comfortable, be in love, etc… when you don't have your groomsmen/bridesmaids heckling you from the sidelines.  
I think these photos prove my point 😀
Just my 2¢ 🙂 



 A HUGE thanks go to Cassie and Jason for allowing us to help photograph your day.  You, along with your families, made us feel so warm and welcome.
And to Betsy and John… WORK IT OUT!!!!! We would shoot with you two ANYTIME!  YOU ROCK!
~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓
Now… like always… the action shots 😀  There are more than usual here because well… there were FOUR photographers covering this event.  It was one of the best covered weddings ever 😀
 When Betsy saw this image she titled it, "Strawberry and chocolate, together at last." HA!
You know… I've been trying to grow my hair out but this summer humidity and seeing the results (thanks Mike) is REALLY talking me out of it!!!!!
 It was a drive-by Miking!


 This one CRACKS me up!  Betsy taking a photo of the bridal party. John taking a photo of her in action.  Mike taking a photo of John in action taking a photo of Betsy in action.  HA!




I nearly died.  Okay… that's a bit dramatic.  Okay… A LOT dramatic.  That's me laying on the ground… if you couldn't tell. 😀



Check out what Cassie did to our place cards.  HOW CUTE IS SHE?!   She's been a VERY faithful blog reader/commenter 😀
 And… here we all are 😀  I LOVE THIS!!!!!!  See, we're all VERY good at the "bring it in tight" 😀