How did I do that?!  I bet you'll find out soon!
Love this.
 Caroline, this one's for you 😉
 Mikey's favorite ❓
 And this is what we call "and WORK IT OUTTTTTT!"
 Caroline's two sisters gave a toast. Mom and dad watch…
Another favorite. ❗
Sneaky photography… GOTCHYA JENNY! 
ZIONSVILLE, Ind.  Talk about classy! These two know how to plan a perfect wedding day!  Gorgeous flowers, a sweet venue, Caroline’s GORGEOUS dress… WOW!  it couldn’t have been more suiting!

They got married and held their reception at Nancy Noel’s Sanctuary.  What is Nancy Noel’s Sanctuary you may ask? It’s a Victorian church originally built in the 19th Century that has been transformed into an art gallery… a collection owned by Ms. Nancy Noel herself.  As I mentioned earlier… it was a very suiting location for them.  Why?  Because Aaron is a trained painter and Caroline minored in art history.  Clearly, they both have quite an interest in art 🙂  See… told you it was perfect.

Caroline has a laugh that is OH SO contagious.  When we’re around her we can’t help but be in a great mood.  She has that effect on everyone around her.  🙂  Isn’t that called charisma?  Uhm… I think so.  😀  Her whole family is like that… huge smiles, big personalities and just a blast to be around!  
Aaron is one of the most easy-going, quirky, cute, funny and genuine guys I’ve ever met.  As you can see from the photo above… he’s HILARIOUS!  I was out in the foyer of the Sanctuary when up RUNS Caroline… “BOBBI YOU CAN’T MISS THIS?!” (Mikey was already over there) She had the BIGGEST smile on her face… so I KNEW it had to be something good. I walk over there and there’s Aaron with long hair, a red bandana and Dylanesque shades standing next to his friend who’s also wearing a wig and sunglasses.  We don’t really know the full story of these two characters they’ve created… but we think they do short films. Aaron, maybe you could enlighten us? 😉
Thanks for everything you guys!  YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
Love love love,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Ready for the slideshow!?  CLICK HERE!  The user name is Caroline's last name, and the password is Aaron's last name in all lower case.  Enjoy! 
 Me with a record THREE bobbi+mike brides. 🙂  That's Lindsey on the left (it all started with her 😀 ) And Jenny on the right.  I flipping love this photo.  We posed it up like bridesmaids!  (I think I'll break this record in September)
Told ya! 
Blending 😉