We SO love this family! You're about to see why 🙂


 In order 🙂 Carmen, Nick, William, Jack, Daniel and JP.





 Check out Jack looking at his dad with that big ol' smile. 🙂


 …bring it in tight….


This looks like the cover of the DVD for a family sitcom… 


I love all in this expressions of this photo. Daniel, you're so cuuuuute! 😀






 …Carmen brought a kite… GENIUS!



 This is DEFINITELY our favorite!!!!! ❗ + ❓


DAYTON, Ohio. First thing you all should know is that Carmen is an INCREDIBLY talented photographer in Dayton 🙂 Boy oh boy, it's SUCH an honor to be asked by a photographer for a session. Needless to say, I STILL get ridiculously nervous when shooting photographers… wouldn't you?!

She first emailed us in 2008 requesting a session as they've never had a family photo done. Well…. at that point, we were all booked up for the year 🙁  Fast forward to February 2009 when we were in Vegas for a photography convention, we officially got to meet her… and got the ball rolling again… we've been excited  about this session since. 😀

We've never photographed a family with four young kids. The MOST was maybe 2? I can't remember.  If there's anything we learned that day… It's MUCH harder than it looks! It's TOUGH to get allllll four kids facing forward and alllllll four kids to be happy alllllll at the same time. I have a WHOLE new respect for you Tara! (Tara's the QUEEN BEE of family photographers… and also happens to have four kids herself, WOWZA)

To four of our new favorite boys, thanks for having so much fun with us! 😀 You guys are all so charming and have SUCH distinct personalities… I cannot WAIT to see where your future takes you 🙂


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓




 My famous HILAAAAAARIOUS jokes 😉 Nick's pointing at me thinking, "This girl is crazy…"


 Mike was showing Jack how to use our camera when he quickly said, "Don't worry… I know how to use one of these!" So, Mike let him be…


Clearly, he does 🙂 Jack took this!!!!

❗ + ❓