Hi friends! 😀 Remember this duo? We photographed their wedding over six years ago. WHAAAAAAT?! It seriously does NOT feel like that long ago… am I crazy here or what?! They decided they needed an updated portrait session… a “just because.” Mike’s favorites ❓
01_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14Their entire session was shot within walking distance of their house.
02_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14I have a bit of an obsession with straight lines and symmetry… but when a barn is literally leaning… I have to just lettttt itttttt gooooo…. 😉
05_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14My view on the left. Mike’s on the right. 🙂04_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14I’m obsessed with this image.03_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14The light that evening was magical.06_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14These two are my favorites ❗ Many of you already know this but for those who don’t… I was named after Bob Dylan (thanks dad 🙂 )… so when I met Aaron in 2007 I immediately knew that we would forever be friends.  Side note: if you ever ask us to photograph your session at your house… there’s a prettttttty good chance I’ll take a photo of you on your front porch. 🙂 My view on the left.
07_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14Mike’s view. He was literally sitting on top of the jeep to get this… 08_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14Luna and Chewy.09_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14Photographing pups isn’t as easy as it looks. By the way, Laughs like Carly’s are what fill my world with rainbows and sunshine. If you know her, when you look at this photo you can hear it… am I right?! Those are my favorite kind of people. 🙂10_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA1411_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14My view on the left… Mike’s on the right… 12_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA1413_familyphotographyindianapolis_CA14

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Carmel, Ind.

Together  ::  11.5.04  •  Wedding  ::  6.1.08

How they met, as told by Carly   ::  We met in an intro to philosophy class. The very first day, Aaron sat in front of me and I swear I just knew. With the class nearing the end, I seized my moment and wrote an email to Aaron asking for help and “direction” with our final paper. We met up at the library and talked for literally 8 hours and were inseparable from that moment on. It was later revealed that Aaron had never written a paper that was more advanced than, “What I Want for Christmas”. 🙂

Carly ::  Account Manager / Photographer / Interior Designer  •  Hometown  ::  Cincinnati, Ohio  •   five words  ::  Vocal, super-inventive, driven, passionate and incredible 

Aaron  ::  High School Art Teacher / Painter  •  Hometown  ::  Lonesome Town (you’re soooo deep Aaron…)  •   five words  ::  HILARIOUS, caring, loyal, crazy talented and mine 🙂

Your perfect Saturday ::  Whether it’s antiquing, photography, working on our latest house project, playing music or painting the next masterpiece: we’re all about being creative.  We would then take our pups, Chewy & Luna on a walk around our neighborhood, hit up our favorite sushi place, and binge on some Netflix in front of the fireplace.  


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[br] [br]  [br]  [br] Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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