two points to you if you can tell what we're standing under 😀


This is just so damn sweeeeeeet!




 We hit another jackpot… "You are the prototype" AYKM?! My favorite! ❗





This is SO them!!!!!



These two are the shiz. Just are.


 You KNOW I love me some newspaper stands!!!!


 Caitlin, you're stunning! I seriously cannot WAIT to see your beautifulness in a wedding dress!


CHICAGO. Caitlin and Crew are SUCH a blast to hang out with… I think my stomach hurt after the session because I was laughing so hard… so thanks you two for the amazing ab workout during the session. WIN/WIN! You see… we went from zero to 100000% comfortable within seconds… and I LOVE when that happens! 😉

You see… after the session, we all went back to Caitlin's apartment to talk about wedding stuff… it was there that Crew and I realized that we both are quite fidgitty… at one point, I looked over and noticed that we were both peeling back the paper sticker off of the water bottle… and then proceeding to fold it into a nice little triangle… how random is that?! 

We had so much fun exploring the outskirts of downtown Chicago with these guys!  We SO canNOT wait to hang out with you in May! 😀


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


Showing Crew how it's done… 😉


 Not to worry… I don't play favorites… Showing Caitlin how it's done, too 😉


 I love Mike humor!

❗ + ❓