Let me reintroduce you to my BEAUTIFUL cousin Brittany 🙂 By the way, this is my favorite ❗


She's my youngest cousin and she's a senior… A SENIOR! GAH this makes me feel OLD!  We're nearly exactly 10 years apart… Me, class of 99.  Her, class of 09.  TWO THOUSAND AND NINE!


 Brittany's ONLY request for her session was that she wanted some photos on a swing. 😀 






 I know I already said this…. but isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!







 Aunt Karen's favorite (Brittany's mom)



 Brittany wanted photos with her boyfriend Chris, so we made it happen 😉 He was home for the holidays from the Marine Corps.





KEARNEY, Mo.  We took these while we were home for Christmas.  SOMEHOW, we got incredibly lucky as it was 55° at the end of December!  

Brittany Morgan is one in a million 🙂 There are so many different sides of her. She's sweet, fun, curious, compassionate, silly, friendly and did I mention REALLY silly 😀 I love that about her… I suppose it's a family thing 😀 The silly thing that is. 😀

Maybe you're curious why we call her by her first and middle name… NO CLUE!  They do it to me, too…  so I guess just like before…. I suppose it's a family thing.  

I’m SO excited to see where your future takes you.  And as I've said to all of my cousins… Follow your dreams… let NOTHING hold you back. I love you.



~bobbi michelle + mike ❗ + ❓






❗ + ❓