FINALLY! I’m blogging our Fall 2013 workshops. I first had to get through all of our normal sessions before I could get to these. THAT BEING SAID, I genuinely believe it will be worth the wait. Proud of these two sessions my friends.

You can’t tell by looking at these images, but it was sooooo cooooold outside when we shot these! I tell you what, Brianna and Jon stayed in the best of spirits for the entire session! You see, workshop sessions are twice as long as normal sessions so that our attendees can see the maximum amount of locations / ideas / posing / lighting scenarios. One of my favorites on the right. ❗These two are getting married in 2014… and they couldn’t have been a more perfect couple to “model” for us.The first and foremost reason they were perfect for our workshop? They’re crazy about each other!The second reason? They are ridiculously fun! I’m kind of obsessed with her hair. 🙂My view. On the right… that was Mike’s view of the same setup. He shot both of the images below with our 45mm 2.8 Tilt Shift.
HA!I’m obsessed with black and white images. This one’s Mike’s favorite ❓ And well… another favorite of mine, too! ❗

I just adore these two!
Then we ended the session in the field that we end almost all of our workshop sessions.BLUUUUE SKIIIIIES SMILING AT MEEEEE!!!!Have I mentioned how much I love black and white images?! OHHHH BRIANNA!!!! YOU ARE SOOOO BEAUUUUTIFULLLL!!!! Another favorite ❗ Thanks you two for being awesome. 😀

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Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  December 7, 2011  •  Engaged  ::  October 7, 2012  •  Wedding  ::  2014

Brianna ::  sales specialist  ::  Hometown  • Leechburg, Pa.  ::   five words  •  Beautiful, Spontaneous, Funny, Wise, Considerate

Jon  ::  self-employed studio engineer and producer  •  Hometown  •  Speedway, Ind.  ::   five words  •  hilarious, passionate, witty, chivalrous, handsome 🙂 

How they met, as told by Brianna :: We me through mutual friends in college. He needed a haircut. I convinced him that I knew how to cut hair. I cut his hair. We fell in love.


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Oh hey there funny girl! 😀 PS. For the first half of the session… I was coatless… I forgot it when I got on the bus. On the way to location #2, we swung by and picked it up. WHEW! I win at life. You know why? That hot tamale man in the green jacket… he’s my husband. BOOOOYAH! 😀
See left the man in the black coat on the far left? His name is Ed and he’s quite awesome. He’s been our official workshop driver now for two years. He also always takes the group pic. 😀 So if you’re in the Indianapolis area and you’re looking for a limo driver for any occasion… Call Carey Limo and ask that Ed be your driver. JUST DO IT! 😀Every time I take a picture of Mike in this position I can’t help but sing… “he’s hunting waaaabits… hunting waaaabits…” 😀Having a moment. 😉SO MANY MOMENTS! 😀 What can I say? I don’t have a bubble! 😉

HEEEEERE WEEEE ARE!!!! 😀 Workshop #13! 

[br] [br] [br] [br] Spring workshop announcement coming today… so make sure you’re on the mailing list!  (mailing list always gets a head start on booking). We’d love to have you!

Sending love and high fives to every single one of you! Thanks for everything friends!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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