Last time we photo’d this family the little lady on the left was still in her momma’s belly. 🙂
These two girls were so dang sweet! Mackenzie loves having a little sister who she can be the boss of… and Caroline loves doing whatever Mackenzie says so it seems to work out very well for them. 😉How cute are those boots?!The sky was SO blue that afternoon!Mackenzie is a replica of her daddy… but this one… she’s 100% her momma!
Oh myyyy…. look at Miss Mackenzie workin’ it out for the camera!  What I find interesting is that the two of them are spittin’ images of each of their parents but somehow… they still look just alike. CRAAAAZYYYY!!!!She has the blondest hair I’ve ever seen! In fact, it was so light that it was hard to get a good exposure… 😉
We just love this sweet family!

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Indianapolis, Ind.

ashley+brian  ::  married 4 years  •  9.05.09

How they met, as told by Ashley  :: I’ve been friends with Brian’s younger sister since elementary school, and only knew him as Lizzie’s older brother. Senior year of college, his sister lived in my house for the summer. He came to Indy to go out to Broad Ripple with us one weekend and wooed me over with a couple Blue Moons and some sweet talkin’ 🙂 Here we are: 5 years and 2 babies later!

Ashley ::  hometown: Columbus, Ind.  •  Mom  ::  five words – Patient, Deep, Loving, Creative, Loyal 

Brian  ::  hometown: Columbus, Ind.  ::  Client Service Manager  ::  five words –  Successful, Giving, Emotional, Talkative, Thoughtful 

Mackenzie  ::  2.5 years   ::  born 12.14.10  ::  five words – Dramatic, social, distracted, hilarious, stubborn

Caroline  ::  18 months  ::  born 4.13.12  ::  five words  –  Princess, reserved, sweet, sensitive, sneaky

 Your perfect Saturday  ::  We start the morning off with a large pot of coffee and some HGTV. We then get out and do something fun for the family like the children’s museum. We are highly productive during nap time, working on our latest home improvement project. We order our weekend pizza for dinner, with a Disney Princess movie to follow. Then, top the night off with going to see some live music!

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Behind me there… they’re trying to make Caroline laugh. She was a tough cookie to crack that afternoon! 😉 And on the right… Mike training his future photo assistant. I’m telling you… babies LOVE Mike. His rapper name? BL Cool M. If anyone actually got that I’d be super impressed. I’m so weirrrrrd….

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Happy birthday Ashley! Much love friends,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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