breanna & tommy
breanna & tommy
breanna & tommy
indianapolis, in

DAAAAANG GIRL… look at those legs! 😉Breanna and Tommy drove down to good ol’ Indianapolis from Jackson, Mich. just so they could get their engagement photos taken.  Talk about pressure! 😉The light this day was so money!Uhm…. let me pick my jaw up off of the ground… hellooooooo gorgeous!…then an outfit / location change. How fun is that hat Tommy’s wearing?!
Our favorite! BOOOOOOM! ❗ + ❓If you looked up “perfect-for-each-other” in the dictionary, you’ll find this image. Don’t believe me, look it up! 😉
Breanna’s a professional photographer… Tommy’s dad collects old Leicas… badaboom badabing!
Man OH man I sure do love her laugh!!!Is it July yet?! 😉 I can’t wait to see you two again!

DAAAAANG BREANNA AND TOMMY… you are such a fun (and ridiculously good looking) couple! We adooooored you two. Can’t wait to photograph you next summer! 😀

~bobbi ❗

My legs, on the other hand… people are saying “DAAAAANG GIRL” for a compleeeeetely different reason. It goes something like this, “DAAAAANG GIRL… I’ve never seen legs so white!” 😉