Blair & Dan
New York City, NY

When Blair and Dan asked us if we could photograph their engagement session (and wedding) in NYC, we were hyyyype! bobbi+mikeAlmost all of the images were shot right by where they live…
02_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14My favorite ❗03_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14Oh! Did I mention they met at the University of Wisconson-Madison. 🙂 They are KIIIIND of huge Badgers fans… 😀04_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14This is literally right across the street from their condo. 05_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14You two are some seriously hot tamales. 06_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14….an outfit change…
08_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14Oh don’t you worry… they’re stillll representing Wisconsin!  09_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14That guy behind them be loooovin’ life! One of the many things I love about photographing in NYC is that NO ONE cares about what you’re doing… they’re all so busy in their own worlds. On the other hand, in the midwest, people will stop and stare as though we’re the traveling entertainment. Though, in the Midwest’s defense… I AMMMM quite hilarious! 😉07_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14Mike’s favorite ❓11_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14Philip Marie… this is where Dan proposed. 🙂 “Dan took secret guitar lessons for 4 months from Norah Jones’ guitarist and wrote a song for me with “inside joke” lyrics to the tune of “Stand By Me.”  It blew me away.” -Blair
092_BlairDan_Eng14Blair is a cross-fit junkie… I mean… LOOOOOK at those legs! 12_bobbimike_bde_newyorkcity_14Thanks for having fun with us you two!

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New York City

Together  ::  12.19.05  •  Engaged  ::  1.24.14  •  Wedding  ::  5.16.15  ::  NYC

Blair ::  Ad Sales Marketing  •  Hometown  ::  Tenafly, N.J.  •   five words  ::  Upbeat, Caring, Fun, Creative, and Beautiful.

Dan  ::  Day Trader  •  Hometown  :: Chatsworth, Calif.  •   five words  ::  Generous, Passionate, Energetic, Positive, and Loving.

How they met  ::  They lived in the same dorm freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin. Dan lived 3 floors below Blair. Dan’s friend Matt Takash (who lived on Blair’s floor) was having a tailgate pre-party for a Badger football game, so both Dan and Blair attended. Blair noticed Dan’s long hippie hair and gregarious personality and Dan noticed Blair’s fun and smiley way about her. They immediately became good friends over boxed wine, cheap beer and laughs, but the “more-than-friends” came a year later 🙂


See you two in seven months… 😀

Much love friends!