blair & dan
blair & dan
blair & dan
montauk, ny

PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY!!!! Blair and Dan flew us out to The Hamptons for one of the most incredible weekends of my life! 😀  You’re about to fall in love with this duo, you’ve been warned!

01_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw1504_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15I adore me some Blair!
03_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS BLING?!02_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw1505_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw1506_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15….meanwhile….07_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15SOOOO INTENNNNNNSE!!!!!08_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Some of my favorite wedding party people in the entire world. If any of you are unmarried, may I please shoot your future weddings? Please and thank you.
02_BlairDan1HOTTTT TAMALES!03_BlairDan1Their first sight was perfect in every way.

07_BlairDan1I told you you’d fall in love with them! (and you’re only 20% of the way through this blog entry!)06_BlairDan1

08_BlairDan1Signing the Ketubah. 11_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw150330_BlairDan_Wedding_2015Oh? You didn’t know they were Badgers fans? Um… did you forget about their engagement session?  Then let me remind you! 12_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15…right before Blair walked down the aisle….13_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Blair was nerrrrrvous…. MEANWHILE Howie (Blair’s dad) was literally dancing… 15_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15How Dan and his parents danced down the aisle to… yes… you guessed it… the theme from Free Willy Will You Be There by Michael Jackson. Notice that Dan and his dad have the EXAAAACT same expression?! I love families. 14_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Dan started a slow cap and the crowd joined in as Blair walked down the aisle. 16_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw1517_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw1518_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Ohhhh how I loved this day!
19_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Did I mention that I’d like to photograph all of your future weddings? Well, consider this my official application for the jobs.
0487_BlairDan_Wedding_2015LOVE! PS. Blair, your back… HOLY WOW! Crossfit for the win!20_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15 HA!22_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Here are Dan’s and Blair’s moms dancing. (I’m terrible at apostrophe use and there’s a lot of plural possessives happening in that sentence that made my heart race… I’m sure I screwed it up!)
24_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Blair and her dad sure have something special. 23_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15And heeeere’s Dan’s dad! 25_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15Heeeeere’s Blair’s sister Ariel, she’s a rockstar both on and off the mic!

Dan’s brother Josh NAILED his toast! 21_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15😀
12_BlairDan113_BlairDan1I’m not sure he sat down the ENTIRE night. I’ll tell you this, I’ve NEVER met four parents who stayed on the dance floor more than Blair’s and Dan’s!

Your Bobbi wisdom of the day: If you love someone, it doesn’t matter how sweaty they are, you still hug them! 😉1382_BlairDan_Wedding_2015

WHOA!27_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15My favorite!!!! ❗29_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15The Mezinka30_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw1532_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15In over 300 weddings I’ve never in my life seen a dance floor as full as this one!!! It was honestly hard to get back far enough to snap a photo because I was surrounded on all sides making it so I couldn’t move! 31_hamptonsweddingphotographer_bdw15

~bobbi ❗

50_BlairDanMy apologies to the nice groomsmen for giving him the death grip.  I sometimes have no idea how intense I am until I see photos of myself in action.
51_BlairDanI love my job! On the right, that’s Erin and she’s beautiful. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have been at this wedding… so thank you for the co-sign Erin!
52_BlairDanLOVE YOU GUYS!!!!53_BlairDan