king family
fort wayne, ind.

A quickie blog post 🙂 …one that you’re guaranteed to love.

We went to Fort Wayne to visit Mike’s family for Thanksgiving. The day after, Mike spent time with the family shopping… and I went to visit one of my favorite families…

I literally spent all day experiencing a day in the life of the King’s.  I’m kind of known for staying at someone’s house far too long.  I’m an incredibly low maintenance friend.  All I want to do is sit around and just be in the presence of people I love.  No need to entertain me. 🙂 I just hate to leave when I’m happy. 🙂 A wee bit inconsiderate? Maybe. Loving? Absolutely!

While I was there, I busted out the camera for a quickie photo session around the house.

I absolutely 100% love this family.  I love that I met Betsy when she was only a few months pregnant with Miles.  I love that I met Miles when he was only a month old. I love that I met Jocelyn when she was only a week old.  I just love love love 🙂 LOVE!

This is now the fifth time that I’ve photographed them. 🙂

A couple of years ago, I was telling a friend about Betsy… and he said, “oh, Betsy… with blue-eyed Miles?” These eyes are unforgettably blue… and they haven’t changed a bit!

Introducing Jocelyn!!!! She’s perfect in every way. 🙂 She looks a lot like Miles when he was a baby…. except for the blue eyes.  Her eyelashes are the longest I’ve ever seen.  She’ll never need mascara.

This photo absolutely 100% represents Betsy and where she is in her world right now 🙂 …and I couldn’t love it more.  It’s, hands down, my favorite photo I’ve taken of her to date.  ❗ Betsy, you’re so beautiful.

(by the way… someone emailed me asking about Jocelyn’s diaper… so I asked Betsy. It’s a Grasshopper cloth diaper and Betsy LOVES them.  Hope that helps!)

THENNNN… because we’re wacky… we decided to try and recreate the famous laying on the bed photo that we took almost exactly 3 years ago.  That’s a WHOLE lot easier said then done!  Here was our best one 🙂 I love it!

Betsy and John, watching your family grow has been a joy.  I can’t wait to see what Jocelyn is like next time we take your photo!

Thank you for letting me overstay my welcome. 😉

I adore you.

Much love,



PS. back to Texas sessions tomorrow 😀