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 The Internet famous Miles hasn't made an appearance on this blog in quite a while… it was SO time! Mikey's favorite ❓









 Betsy requested a photo for a canvas to put above her bed… here's what we came up with.  I say… HOT HOT HOTTTT!!!! (PS. I want some boots like that!)









FORT WAYNE, Ind. As I already mentioned, we love this family OH SO MUCH! Betsy and John, as many of you know, are both INCREDIBLY talented. Betsy runs a super successful photography business in Fort Wayne and John is a composer of marching band shows.  Yeah… talk about DRIPPING in talent!

Many of you may remember Betsy and John from the AMAAAAAAAZING wedding of Cassie and Jason (where we got to help them out). 🙂

However, I'm SURE that most of you will remember the ADORABLE Miles! Miles gets more blog requests than anyone here in bobbi+mike land.

"Hey Bobbi, when is Miles going to be making an appearance on the blog?"

"We haven't seen Miles in a while!"

"How's that baby doing who said your name on that video?!"

This is the third time we've photo'd this amazing family…


First time: two months old.


2nd time: 9 months old


And…. you just saw the third time 🙂


It really is the absolute best part about our jobs…. watching families grow.  Hopefully someday we'll get to take his senior photos. 😉 CLASS OF 2025 BABY! HAHAHAHAHA!

Betsy and John… two of our favorite people in the whole world…. thank you THANK YOU for being some of our best friends. 🙂 


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


 And how do you make a baby laugh?! You act like a monkey!  (See the first photo for the result)



 Who ever knew chimpin' could look so good?!





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