Heeeeeere they are 😀 the KINGS! For those who are new to the blog, we’ve been photographing this family since the beginning of his life. He’s 3 years old now… and this is the 4th time we’ve photo’d them. Yep… do the math! 🙂 Now, I’m NOT kidding you when I say that the King’s are THE most asked about family we photograph. I think that our blog readers were ready for an update.

1. Baby King 2.0 will be here in July. Yep, you heard that right… baby in belly!
2. John still has a huge smile 😀 …which is THE most contagious smile in the history of the universe.
3. Betsy is one of my very best friends 🙂
4. Miles is incredibly smart, a bit shy, very curious & has the most vivid imagination ever.

I love this image. Big time.

I asked Miles to listen to what the baby had to say. He listened closely and responded, “I’m ready to come out now.” 🙂

7 months pregnant. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You’re gorgeous 🙂

He told me I had orange hair. I asked what color mom’s was… “black.” Dad’s? “clear.” Miles’? “Purple.”

I told them to walk Peter Pan style… they did it perfectly 🙂

Two things he wanted to know before the session started.

“Do you drive a bulldozer?” Afraid not… 🙁 (I assume he wanted to know if I was Bob the Builder)

“Where’s Mike?” He’s spending time with his mommy and daddy. (I’m BLOWN away that he remembered us from 1.5 years ago. SERIOUSLY?!). He was not happy that Mike wasn’t part of the equation that morning. I can’t say I blame him 😉

Betsy, the photo on the left… that’s on the blog JUST for you… he made THE face! 😀 Oh, and that image on the right… it makes me smile. 🙂 <- like that.

My favorite ❗ I know you two were looking for the perfect canvas to hang over the babies crib… In my OH SO humble opinion… this is the one. Jussssst sayin’ 😀 😀 😀

John, I love that you look a litttttle like Squidward 🙂 HA! but… JUSSSSSSST a little 😉 (don’t judge me for knowing who Squidward is…)



fort wayne, ind

betsy+john | married 4.5 years

miles | 3 years

betsy | photographer

john | composer



Because I shot this session on my own… no action photos 🙁 BUT, I can show you something even better!  A quick walk down memory lane 🙂

April 9, 2007October 19, 2007. This photo actually hangs in our studio… 😀 It’s a bb+mk classic 🙂

November 28, 2008.