When we pulled up to our photo spot and saw fog still lingering I was PUMMMMPED!  Fog goes away really quickly in the morning so we booked it out there.

LOVE this tree. Why aren’t there more cool trees in Indiana? Did we get skipped by the good tree giving angels? Do good tree giving angels even exist?

Mike’s favorite ❓

A quickie outfit and scenery change… and you get THIS hotness!

Here is where they had their first date. Indianapolis folks, can you guess where this is?

She insisted these shoes were comfortable… I still think she was lying.  I don’t think I could stand in shoes like that for more than five minutes!  Okay, maybe she’s not lying… maybe I’m just not very girly and am incapable of wearing shoes like these. And maybe I’m just jealous so I’ve CONVINCED myself that she’s lying. HOWEVER, aren’t they cute?!

Arielle, you’re gorgeous.

I will not tell a lie 😉 …getting the real smiles out of Bob isn’t the easiest of tasks (which he admits), but when you get one… LOOK at how amazing it is! 😀 BTW, who was the shorty who took this photo?! GROW GIRL, GROW!!!!


Okay, I was strangely obsessed with the shoes… don’t judge me.

My favorite ❓ It’s perfect. I mean… if I do say so myself… 🙂



indianapolis, ind.

wedding: october 16, 2010 • indianapolis, ind.

together | may 28, 2008

engaged | october 3, 2009

arielle | emergency veterinarian • hometown | indianapolis, ind.

bob | race car engineer • hometown carmel, ind.


Don’t they have the coolest jobs, ever?! Those are the answers you give when you’re 10 years old and someone asks you want to be when you grow up… “a race car engineer!” Then they pat you on the head and say… “it’s good to have dreams…” while they roll their eyes on the inside. 

Much love you two! MUCH LOVE!!!!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

I’m SURE that even on the worst of hair days… add a flower to it and you look like you tried. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyways! And as you can see, I coordinated my flower with her shirt… we talked about it the night before. 😉

Oh, wait… nevermind Indianapolis folks… you don’t need to guess where their first date was…. it seems that that guessing game isn’t very fun when I GIVE IT AWAY!

❗ + ❓