Heeeere we gooooo…. Our April in an Instagram nutshell! ūüėÄ

Hosted the 5th annual slumber party with girlfriends ¬†:: ¬†Celebrated the first campfire of the season ¬†:: ¬†Road tripped with Murphy ¬†:: ¬†Loved on my hot husband ¬†:: ¬†Murphy Mo + Jackie Bauer = MoBo (their celebrity couple name ūüėČ ) ¬†:: ¬†Flew to California for Jen and Geoff’s wedding ¬†:: ¬†Visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium ¬†:: ¬†Drove through Big Sur, holy smokes! ¬†:: ¬†Back home againnnn in Indiaaaaanaaaa ¬†:: ¬†Ate lots of dinners with old and new friends ¬†:: ¬†Flew to Seattle/Tacoma, Washington ¬†:: ¬†Saw my dad and siblings for the first time in 13 years (WHOA!) ¬†:: ¬†Drove from Washington to Vancouver, Canada ¬†:: ¬†Spoke at the Canada Photo Convention ¬†:: ¬†Missed our flight out of Seattle by 5 minutes… (there was a wreck near Vancouver in a tunnel which caused LONNNNG delays!) ¬†:: ¬†Came home again, but only for a minute. ūüėČ

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Thanks for tuning in… ūüėÄ

Much love friends!

~bobbi+mike ‚Ěó + ‚Ěď [br] [br] [br] [br]