Hiya friends! Long time no talk… 🙂 Lots of posts coming soooooon! I assure you, they’re all worth the wait! My travel schedule in May and June kicked my booty… my apologies! Enough about that…. on to the Anne and Jeff amazingness!

I love seeing a mom walk her daughter down the aisle. 🙂 If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know how I feel about hands…. and if you’re new here… well… I think our hands communicate so much about how we feel.  See momma’s hands? She sure does love and care for Anne. 😀
001_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15002_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15….heeeere comes the briiiiiiide….003_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15004_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15HA! I love this!
005_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15006_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15007_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15008_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15There’s a photo at the end of the blog entry of me taking this photo. 😉009_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15010_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15011_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15MARRRRRRRRIED!012_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15HOLY HUUUUGE WEDDING PARTY BATMAN! 013_indianapolisphotographer_ajw1531 total in the wedding party. Not pictured: 3 flower girls and 1 ring bearer. 😉
014_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15015_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15Loved her dress!016_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15017_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15You two are RIDICULOUSLY good looking!!!!!018_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15Perfect first dance… My favorite ❗
019_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15Oh!? Did I forget to mention that Anne is the singer of my favorite wedding band?!  YES YES YES…. SHE IS! The Doo Band (formerly Zanna-Doo) performed that night with many guest singers. But seeeeriously now whooo is she to resist!?020_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15021_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15Notice she switched dresses? I’m a HUGE fan of that! Bustles break, dresses get hot and heavy, it’s hard to go to the bathroom, etc. etc. etc…. switching into a lighter weight/more casual dress after the events take place is GEEEENIUS… TRUST ME! Anyone out there who’s done it, can you back me up here?!
022_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15KLARC!023_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15024_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15It really was the perfect day! 025_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15

[br] [br] [br] [br] ……………………………

Indianapolis, Ind.

hair  •  Natalie Sutton & Ashley Heiney
makeup  •  Cori Downey
florist  •  Marvin’s, Linda Wilhite and Claire Whitson
church  •  Saint Barnabas
reception venue  •  Hyatt Regency
dj  •  2wenty 2wo Events
band  •  The Doo Band
cake  •  Krissie Balbo
seamstress  •  Chapelle (hire this woman right now!)
dress  •  Romona Keveza (The Wedding Studio)Carol Hannah (M.H. Pomander’s Bridal)

…………………………… [br] [br] [br] [br] [br]

their songs

wedding party introductions  •  Center Field -John Fogerty
bride & groom introduction  •   I Feel Good -James Brown
first dance  •  Sure Be Cool If You Did -Blake Shelton
uncle/niece  •  Wonderful World -Louis Armstrong
mother/son  •   A Song for My Son -Mikki Viereck
cake cutting  • Power of Love -Huey Lewis

[br] [br][br] [br]


 [br]What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Anne:  Working with Bobbi + Mike. (WHAAAAAAT??!?!? Best compliment ever…. really… WHOA!)

Jeff: Dancing on stage with Anne. Great to look out at all of your friends and family.

[br]If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

Wish we would have had time to talk to every guest.

 [br]Where did you go on your honeymoon?


[br] [br] [br] [br]

Loooooook…. It’s Marcy! 😀
026_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15Don’t mind the photographer, she’s blending… 😉
027_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15This photo seriously craaaacks me up! I’m all, “GET IN LINE LADIES!” Now I’mma hydrate…. 😉 The way I’m standing is as though I’m in an ad for Ice Mountain. 028_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15I’ll take any opportunity to post proof that I’m hilarious. 😉029_indianapolisphotographer_ajw15

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Thanks for your patience friends…

Much love!

~bobbi ❗