cole family
noblesville, IN

You guys know this team by now… 🙂This is (I think) the 6th time we’ve photographed them:  1. pre-Andrew.   2. Andrew’s Newborn images.  3. Maternity pics with Caroline.  4. Caroline’s Newborn images.  5. Ann’s cooking photos (that included family). and now this time, 6. Caroline’s one-year/Andrew’s 4 years old session. 😀 Oh, and they’re also up all over their house. 😀

PS. Caroline’s little smirk in this image cracks me up!

I love how much they value family pictures. It used to be like that when I was a kid/my mom was a kid. Now that everyone has a digital camera, people don’t make it a priority. It’s such a shame. These images, for this family, are not just a checkmark… they’re a priority.  To those parents who don’t make time/budget for it… I’m just letting you know now, your kids are going to be mad at you in forty years. Just sayin’ 😉

Love how many of our families this year have really made an effort in brainstorming with us… doing things in your sessions that you do as a family regularly. Why wouldn’t her kids love ice cream?!  Their age spread is almost identical to my best friend Corrie’s (Grigh) two kids. I think Caroline is like 4 months older than Aubrey and Andrew is only like three weeks older than Zachary. Oh, and the kids personalities nearly parallel each other. It’s like deja vu when I hang out with them! 😀Mmmmmm….. 🙂Then an outfit and scenery change. 🙂Such an attractive All-American family.
GAH! PERFECT! Caroline, in 30 years, you owe me a hug for this one. I’ll be ready for it. 😉

Love you guys. 🙂 Duh…

Your friend,

~bobbi ❗

We were having a very serious conversation… if you couldn’t tell.