Everything about this post makes me smile.  I bet $5 it will make you smile, too. 







Lizzy did the make up.  I'm a HUUUUUUUGE fan of her!!!!  To all of our brides… contact me for info and then email her right away 🙂

















 This photo makes me want to get back into my wedding dress and feel that same excitement.  I have so many favorites from this wedding.. so be warned.  Here's one of 'em. ❗






 Andrea, you're stunning.  It's a little overwhelming sometimes… 😀






On her way to say "I do."  Another favorite ❗  Mikey's fave, too ❓






 A few words with dad right before the walk down the aisle.  See told you this post would make you smile.  You all owe me $5 for the aforementioned bet.

















 Those smiles are 100% genuine 100% of the time.






 And go figure… the perfect bridal party. 











 I was taking a photo of Travis when I noticed Andrea in the background being cute as can be… So, I took three steps backwards and framed her in.  It was totally a candid moment… it's just Andrea being her adorable self.






 Travis' only request.  And I'm SO glad he requested it!  HELLOOOOOO BLUE EYES!






Doesn't that make you smile?!  That's another $5 please.






 The Scottish Rite is RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING! ANOTHER favorite ❗

















 So guess who crashed the party?! PURDUE PETE!  Afterall… that's where they met 😀 HOW PERFECT was this?!  Jeannie, Andreas mom surprised everyone with this move.  Only Mike and I along with the DJ knew he was coming.  






 Here was their reaction. Pete entered as the DJ played the fight song… It was perfect.






 Andreas mom and dad.  I love love love this.






 So that guy… a DEAD ringer for Will Ferrell (he could even quote his movies, it was CRAZY)!  His girlfriend on the left… a DEAD ringer for Kier
a Knightly.  You guys know I LOVE the "what famous person do you look like" game.  I was excited to see a new celebrity couple!






A light up microphone in one hand and a glass of wine in the other… It's so Travis and we LOOOOOVE IT!






 Yeah… I'm up to at LEAST $15 from each and everyone of you… Final favorite ❗





INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  We will never ever everrrrrr forget this amazing day for the rest of our liiiiives!


Made for each other would be putting it lightly… because seriously… These two are like peanut butter and jelly, like cookies and milk, like uhm… I can't think of another one… You get the idea… They're the PERFECT combination. 

Andrea's full of pure joy and it exudes in everything about her.  Her excitement, happiness, energy, enthusiasm, zest… yes, I said zest… is 100% genuine.  I wish that I could be more like her. 🙂  I wish the whole world could be more like her.  Just thinking about her makes me happy… makes me want to go hug someone.  Wow, that was sort of random.  Maybe if you know her… you understand what I mean. 

Travis, too…. is an awesome person.  He lives his life so fully.  He knows what he wants… and I love that about him.  We found out sometime in the night that Travis called his best friend soon after their first date when Travis told him that he had found the person he was going to marry. He was 18 or 19 then… and he knew.  Are you kidding me with that?! Man oh man.. that gives me goosebumps.

Told you they were like peanut butter and jelly!

EVERYTHING about their day was magic…. can't you tell?! GAHHHH I WANNA GO BACK!!!!!!

To all of the families…. a special thanks for making us feel so welcome.  After meeting all of you, I know exactly why these two are such exceptional people 🙂  Wow… I'm smiling the BIG smile right now.  

Andrea and Travis, thank you, thank you thank youuuuuu for being you… and asking us to well… you know, do what we do.   BIG BIG BIG SMILES!


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

It's here!  The slide show is here!  Click here!  The user name is Andrea's maiden name, and the password is Travis's last name.

What's that?  You'd like to see the full gallery? Ok…click here!  The event key is Travis's last name.


We couldn't resist getting a photo with Purdue Pete 🙂 Whateva… GO TREES! 😉






Doesn't it look like I'm doing a little tap dance here for the bridesmaids?  Or… maybe not…