Andrea and Ryan are our VERY good friends.

They were the 16th wedding we ever photographed. I remember every second of that day… and it was perfection.

Ryan is an incredibly talented graphic designer and often helps the bobbi+mike brand further develop.

Andrea is a teacher, a great cook, has the perfect smile and is 100% genuine 100% of the time.

My tradition of getting a photo with the bride and groom started with their wedding.

When I went to Jesh’s workshop, he was in need of models.  The only requirement: to be in love.  I immediately thought of these two.  So yes… they’ve been photographed by the AMAZING Jesh de Rox.

Andrea is pregnant. AHHH!!! I cried when she told me.

It’s a girl. Name her Bobbi, k?  ❗

They both kept insisting, “we only need one!”  My response… “I don’t do just one.”  They already knew that.  😉 So, I compromised and we got all of the photos done in 15 minutes.  Also, Ryan didn’t want to be in any of the photos…. after all, he’s not a fan of getting his photo taken.  And my response to that?! TOO BAD SO SAD!  I suppose I have a little bit of extra room for fiestyness when we’re photographing our friends. 😀 HA!

I’ve gotta tell you… they made magic happen in that 15 minutes. They’re so in love, so at ease, so PERFECT in front of the camera.  WE JUST LOVE THESE TWO!  Ryan, seriously… no more of that “I don’t want my picture taken!” crap!  You’re SO handsome!


Are you KIDDING me with how flipping BEAUTIFUL she is?!  Mikey’s favorite ❓

 I LOVE the bump!!!!

Favorite ❗


I think I want a canvas of this one for our studio.


 Wait, no… THIS is my favorite! ❗

Thank you so much for asking us capture this awesome time in your lives… we’re so lucky to know you and to call you our friends.


❗ + ❓