I’ve never loved a family session more than I love this one. Are they the best family photos I’ve ever taken? Probably not. But, do they have people in them that I love? Absolutely.

You see, I’m an only child and I’ve never really been around kids. Wait, that didn’t sound right. I mean… I’ve been around kids, but not just one… and not just one that I’ve grown super attached to… ever. Does that make sense?

For example, my best friend Corrie has a 2 year old son, Zachary… I see him every time I go to Kansas City. I love that kid because I love Corrie. Does he remember me when he sees me each time. No. Do I know what makes him laugh? No. Do I know what he’s learned this month? No. Do I live in Kansas City? No. Do I wish I these answers were all yes? YES!

Then there’s Addison. I see her often. She knows my name and loves to say it.  She reaches for me to hold her, and I do (if you know me, you KNOW how big of a deal this is).  I know how to make her giggle uncontrollably. I dance when she pee pee’s in the potty. According to Andrea she wakes up saying our names, “bobbi bobbi bobbi and mmmikkkkkke.” Have I ever experienced this kind of relationship with ANY other kid?! Not even close!

Addi makes my heart smile.

I’ve been beyond excited to show you these images… So, I’ll shush so you can see. 🙂

My view.

Mike’s. 🙂 Addison was so fun to photograph. She added an entirely new element to a bobbi+mike family session. You see, Addi was very concerned with where we were at all times. I’d stand back to get a photo of the family and she wanted me closer. She’d put her hand out to me like… “Are you coming?! What’s taking you so long… Hurry up!” So, I shot most of the session with a wide angle lens so that I could be closer to her.

Like Momma, like daughter. See, they’re making the EXACT same face 🙂 

Andrea’s body language is hilarious to me. “If you drop my baby, I will hurt you… but I am smiling anyway because I know Bobbi and Mike are taking my picture…”



When we all go out in a group, people often assume that Addi’s my daughter. They look at me and say… “I SEE WHERE SHE GETS THAT RED HAIR!!!!” 😀 I usually just nod and say something like, “what can I say, we’re quite Irish!” Easier than explaining… 🙂 Then, Andrea will usually respond with, “Ohhhh Bobbi & Ryan… so nice of you to invite your nanny along!” We think we’re funny. Maybe a bit inappropriate.. but, definitely funny. 😀

My favorite ❗ It’s the perfect photo of this family. So much love.

Uhm, whose idea was it to lay a pregnant lady down in a PARKING LOT?! Definitely not my smartest choice of the year. Still made for a cool photo or two 🙂

THENNNN… we finished up the session… AT A DINER!!!! I’ve been DYING to shoot in a diner and when we were brainstorming about the session, I suggested it. Ryan LOVED the idea and we made it happen 🙂  Here again, “Come on Bobbi! Why aren’t you hanging out with us back THERE?!”

IT’S MILKSHAKE TIME! If you look up “cute” in the dictionary, you’ll find this. I promise. Go look. Now.


Love. again. 🙂


indianapolis, ind.

andrea+ryan | married 4 years • 8.5.06
andrea | hometown: fort wayne, ind. • high school english teacher
ryan | hometown: fort wayne, ind. • art director
addison noel | 19 months • 12.24.08
baby girl | due 9.23.10


Love to you friends…

~bobbi and mike






🙂 How can you not adore her?!

So art director Ryan and I had a fun idea… Stand Addi on a stack of books. Easy enough, right?! …or so we thought.

She wanted absolutely nothing to do with it! So, what did we do?! They made standing on the books look like the funnest thing in the world to do. Here’s Ryan singing “standing on the boo-oooks, standing on the boo-oooks” while Andrea danced

Mike had to try it out himself… after all Ryan and Andrea made it look so fun! Still, no dice.

So, after much coercion here’s the pinnacle “standing on the books” moment… that lasted all of about 2 seconds. It clearly wasn’t as fun as mom and dad made it appear! She felt duped. I suppose I understand. Standing on books is kinda lame.

“Peace… I’ll show you what fun really is betties.”

We need a team name. Dontchya think? Confirmed!

❗ + ❓