Does this team even need an introduction? They’ve been on this blog so many times they should have their own category! You see those red heads? Those are our god daughters and two of my favorite kids in the world. You see that guy on the left? He’s our art director and best friend. You see that gorgeous lady on the right? She’s the head honcho. Big decisions don’t happen before talking to the HMIC (head momma in charge). Together we’re one big happy Framily. 😉
Last month the six of us got together and we all went camping for August Rose’s 2nd birthday. In the midst of our camping getaway, we snuck away and grabbed a few new family photos. 😀OHHHH August Rose… you MELT me!They’re incredible parents… and it oozes out of them in every image.
ADDISON NOEL!!!! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR KID!August is quite the daredevil! Addison, on the other hand, is as girly as they get!We’ve shot this exact image every time we’ve photographed this family. I’m about to hop on my soapbox… so consider yourselves warned!

These images aren’t the most creative ever taken… they’re not shot in front of the coolest background… they’re not full of never-been-done-before-over-the-top poses.

I’ll tell you what  they are though; they’re images of a genuinely happy family who have a crazy amount of fun together. These are the kind of images that we strive for every time we photograph people. 😀

Alright… off my soapbox… 😉
Can’t you just hear them giggling when you see this one? I know I sure can!Then it was back to the campsite to finish off the birthday evening. 😀
This girl was made for the outdoors.I flipping love this family. They make my heart so happy. Random observation: The look on Andrea’s face reminds me of the image of Michelle Obama giving a fist bump to the President.  August loves birthdays as much as I do! She was SO hype about this cake!Perfection!

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Crawfordsville, Ind.

andrea+ryan  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.  ::   married 6 years   ::   8.05.06

How they met  ::  In high school we were in constant competition and could often be found arguing over who was the best at any given task, test, or skill. We wizened up and decided it would be smarter to join forces and take over the world together.

Andrea ::  hometown – Fort Wayne, Ind.  ::  elementary school principal   ::  five words – Stubborn. Compassionate. Unshakable. Focused. Snuggly.

Ryan  ::  hometown – Fort Wayne, Ind.  ::  art director  ::  five words –  Thoughtful. Driven. Innovative. Daredevil. Doting-dad.  

Addison Noel  ::  3½  years old  ::  born 12.24.08  ::  five words – Stubborn. Inquisitive. Structured. Self-Assured. Teacher. 

August Rose  ::  2 years old  ::  born 9.29.10  ::  five words – Stubborn. Fearless. Affectionate. Talkative. Excited.

Their perfect Saturday  ::  Breakfast made by dad. Dance party! Cultural outing of the girls’ choosing (it would sound pretentious if it weren’t true). On Saturdays you’ll find us at the farmers’ market, zoo, library, Children’s Museum, or whatever festival or parade is happening. Mama loves being around people “gathered for good” (or for food). 

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Don’t judge my hair… I was in camping mode! 🙂

[br] [br] [br] We love you guys! [br]
~Mike & Bobbi 🙂 [br] [br] [br] [br]