We haven’t done a session at IU in a while… it was time! 😀
01_bobbimike_are14They met five years ago when their two Little 500 teams trained with each other… it was only appropriate that we shot part of their engagement session at the Little 500 stadium in the midst of the teams practicing. Genius idea you two… GENIUS!02_bobbimike_are1403_bobbimike_are14I adore your laugh Amy. This is my favorite ❗
04_bobbimike_are14We’re fiiiinally seeing some things bloom here in the tundra known as Indiana… 05_bobbimike_are14You two have the best smiles.
06_bobbimike_are14Loved all of the IU red!
07_bobbimike_are14On a campus full of beauty leave it to us to find the HVAC grate and get a photo in front of it. 😀08_bobbimike_are14A couple of campus staples… 09_bobbimike_are14For the last bit of the session we headed down Kirkwood. It was one of the first days of beautiful Spring weather so there were SO many people out! 10_bobbimike_are14096_Amy_RenJay_Eng_2014WHO could resist a photo in front of the Little 500 T-Shirt display?! NOT I! 😉12_bobbimike_are14

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Bloomington, Ind.

Together  ::  8.1.10    •    Engaged  ::  12.29.13   •   Wedding  ::  1.2.15  ::  Indianapolis, Ind.

Amy ::  registered dietitian   ::   Hometown    •    Indianapolis, Ind  ::   five words  •  Gorgeous. Delightful. Surprising. Jovial. Perfect.

Ren-Jay  ::  doctoral student   •   Hometown    •    Bloomington, Ind.  ::   five words  •  Personable.  Caring.  Ambitious. Faithful.  Handsome.

How they met  ::   We met on a bike ride in the fall of 2009 when our Little 500 teams decided to ride together. Several quiet months went by before we met again at the Little 5 track, but it was really the summer when things picked up with us. Ren-Jay literally bumped into Amy after having a few brews at a local bike race, and we hit it off immediately, riding together almost every day after that encounter. Somehow Amy was crazy enough to say yes to a date and needless to say, the rest is history and we couldn’t be happier!


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Much love friends! Seeeee youuuuuu in January!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


PS. HIIIIIGH FIIIIIIVES to Amy’s cousins and past bobbi-brides Katie and Jayne, can’t wait to throw hugs your way!

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