Wow.  A favorite ❗
 Amy's so so so so so gorgeous.  I cannot WAIT to see her in a wedding dress 😀
love love love.  Another favorite ❗ 
 NO idea what kind of van this was… but it looked VERY much like an old VW bus, but it was a Chevy.  It looked like it had been sitting there for years.  As we continued our session, we noticed it going down the road.  We all laughed… I exclaimed, "So that thing moves?!"  If only this guy knew that we turned his Chevy Bus into art?!  So, thanks for parking there that day, whoever you are! 😀
 AYKM?! (are you kidding me?!)  Yes, ANOTHER favorite ❗  Mikey's favorite, too ❓
 'sup stud!
 Mikey's view.
 My view.
Now doesn't THAT look relaxing?!
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  Such a sweet session.  And by sweet I don't mean Pauly Shore "SAWEEEEEEET!" I mean… HOW FLIPPING SWEET AND IN LOVE THEY ARE!!!! Though, now that I think about it… the session was also SAWEEEEEEEEEEET!  Okay, I'm getting weird.
I really love these photos.  Just so you know 🙂 
Amy and Josh were OH SO easy to photograph! Why?  Because they were down for anything, totally relaxed in front of the camera, it was a gorgeous day, and they couldn't keep their eyes and hands off of each other.  DONE AND DONE!
Amy LOVES the blog… she comments on nearly EVERY entry and has been incredibly excited for her big debut… so, here you go Amy. 😀
~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓ 
We all got tired 😉