Meet Amanda and Alex, a ridiculously sweet couple who love all things racing. 🙂

01_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerSee?! TOLD you they were serious race fans! Oh… and they also happen to be getting married on 5.24. 😉

02_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerWhen our attempts at getting permission to shoot at the track failed, Alex pulled out the big guns and made arrangements with the powers that be at Indianapolis Motor Speedway… Alex works for ESPN and knew people who knew people… yet when we showed up we learned that Toyota had an impromptu event at the track that day so we had been bumped….to…. well….the visitor’s center parking lot and the immediate area.  Alex and Amanda handled it like champs and while al little frustrated, we all remained positive and made it work (said like Tim Gunn)!  Though…we did get a few odd looks . 😉 
03_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerLOVE THIS ONE! Stay tuned until the end of this post where you’ll find a photo of me taking this image… PREPARE YOURSELVES TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN!!!! <>    <- that symbol btw is a saracasteses, a symbol I invented earlier this year that I was hoping would take the Internet by storm…. it was supposed to be the start of my “punctuation revolution,” but alas, it’s turning out to be more of a “punctu-stay-the-same-lution.” Wommmmmp… 

04_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerWhen life (or Toyota) hands you race track lemons… you make race track parking lot lemonade! 

05_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerAfter being banished to parking lot purgetory, I remembered that we saw a “WELCOME RACE FANS” banner on our way to the track, so before we headed to the park, we made a quick pit stop. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! A quick PIT stop?! Gosh I’m on FIRE here!

07_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerThe A is for AMANDA and ALEX! …..duhhhh….

06_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerThis was on the side of a barber shop. 🙂 Those people of Speedway did not let us down with their passion for all things racing!

08_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerDid I mention that I adore this duo? Because I do. 

09_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerThen we headed to a park. 🙂

10_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerYou two are so damn cute! 

11_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerThe light was so pretty that evening. Mike’s favorite :?!

12_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerThese two are my favorites ❗

13_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerThis was when we were laughing about co-efficients. Yeahhhh… things that I never thought I’d be laughing about…

14_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerYou two are just the best. Thanks for making the trek to Indy. 🙂




Indianapolis, Ind.

Together  ::  9.4.09  •  Engaged  ::  7.22.14  •  Wedding  ::  5.24.15  ::  Lexington, Ky.

Amanda ::  Clinical Pharmacist  •  Hometown  ::  Chesterfield, Mo.  •   five words  ::  Passionate, Caring, Loving, Understanding. Strong

Alex  ::  Remote Television Broadcast Engineer  •  Hometown  ::  Oblong, Ill.  •   five words  ::  Loyal, Caring, Hard-Working, Funny

How they met, as told by Amanda and Alex   :: “We met through an introduction between Alex’s roommate and his girlfriend, one of Amanda’s best friends while attending The University of Kentucky. Alex was too nervous to ask for Amanda’s number and her sister had to leave it on a napkin… (which he still has!) We took Izzy (the crazy black dog) on a walk downtown Lexington and since then have had an amazing and crazy journey together that gets better everyday!”



See…told you that your mind would be blown!!! <>

16_bobbimike_indianapolis_wedding_photographerMike and I suuuuure do a lot of laying down during our sessions! 


See you two in May! 😀

Much love new friends,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


PS. The good news: blogging from Rome! 😀 The bad news: our laptop was stolen at the airport (UGH!) and JFK security has been COMPLETELY unhelpful.  Thus I’m blogging from my iPad, which is a WHOLE lot easier said than done! If things look funny, that’s why!