I just love how the light hits their faces in this shot… It reminds me of a specific painting with two faces… can someone help me out with that one?




 Allison, you're beautiful. k? k.








 Guess what day they're getting married… I'll give you two hints…. 😀


 BRING THAT IN TIIIIIIIGHT! I SO love EVERYTHING about this one!!!!!!!!! My favorite ❗




 Allison's only request… 🙂






 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!  This one is SOOOOO them!  Gavin is all of the time just doing random little things when you'd least expect them… Have I already mentioned how much I adore them?! 








 It's not every day you see a BRIGHT green Citroën parked on the side of the road…


 Mikey's favorite ❓


🙂 btw Allison, I LOVE the red hair!!!!! (though, I may be partial)


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Allison and Gavin are so so SO in love, so so fun and so so perfect for each other.  I love how easily their love was captured on CF cards (I wanted to say film… as that's what would have fit in there… but uhm… it's not film. CF card doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?!).  As I was looking through them, I just saw SO many sweet little moments… and I started to tear up a bit (my diet has been making me ridiculously emotional, too).  I think it's so cool to know that they'll always have photos of them from this stage in their lives.  I SO wish that Mike and I had had a session like this when we became engaged.  Oh well 🙂  They remind me SO much of us…. and it's just neat to see 😀 I'm really not explaining myself well this morning… but, you get the idea, right? I sure do hope so.

OH and… I just have to give a HUUUUUGE shoutout to Allison… she's lost 39 pounds since September!  AYKM?!  That takes some SEEEEEEERIOUS dedication!  I can tell you this… THAT motivates me!  I feel like the two of us have similar body shapes so I know there's hope for me yet!!!!!  In case you're wondering… she's been doing Weight Watchers and has been working out religiously. I'm SO proud of you Allison!!!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank YOU allison+gavin for being awesome… and letting us photograph the awesome! 🙂


~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓


 I'm not gonna lie, I was having a good hair day 🙂


I think I've already mentioned how limber my husband is… he can actually do the splits.  Maybe someday I'll take a photo of it for you all to see 😀 


 Do I see a new blogheader?! OHHHHH YES!!!! PS. Mike is ten times better at the action shots than I am. 

❗ + ❓