alicja+adam  ::  day two
alicja+adam  ::  day two
adam & alicja
south bend, in

Jusssst when you thought that Alicja and Adam’s celebration couldn’t be more incredible…. heeeeere comes day twoooo! 😀

They got married in Adam’s parents’ back yard…. yep, the same place that all of the festivities from the night before happened. Talk about a quick transformation! bobbi+mike Alicja’s beautiful mother walked her down the aisle. 🙂0054_AdamAlicja_8_9_14002_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Mike’s view on the left… mine on the right. 🙂003_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14You two are SO beautiful! 004_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_140190_AdamAlicja_8_9_14I LOOOOVED Adam’s navy tux jacket! I’ve never seen anything like it and now I’m kind of obsessed!006_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14BRING IT IN TIIIIGHT! Oh… but of COURSE Wriggles made an appearance!007_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14008_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Alicja, you’re stunning. 🙂009_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14When I saw this painted on the side of a parking garage, I made a bee line for it! 010_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Lookin’ SO good!011_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14

Adam’s parents welcoming everyone to the reception…

…INTRODUUUUUCINNNNNG!!!013_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14 I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house for the father/daughter dance…

0389_AdamAlicja_8_9_14015_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14When Adam and his mom did this dance, the crowd went wild!014_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Anna’s toast was perfect in every way… 016_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Everything that came out of this man’s mouth was pure gold. He was so incredibly wise. 017_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Love your glasses David!
018_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14These ladies were quite the violin trio!019_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14020_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Sonya! 021_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14022_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Have I mentioned how much fun we had at this wedding?!bobbi+mike….it’s a tradition!
023_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Adam with DJ Chuck. 024_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14When Adam decides it’s time to loosen up the tie… YOU LOOSEN UP YOUR TIE! 😉bobbi+mikeSarah with her dad…. those two are JUST alike! 025_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14026_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14HA!027_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14David’s sister (not pictured) said the shoes were killing her feet… so they traded. What a good big brother! 🙂 He danced in these for hours! 028_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Love you two! 029_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14

Much love friends… Can’t wait to see you all again at Sarah’s someday wedding! 😉

High fives all around!

~bobbi ❗

Me showing Alicja how to pose. I’d say I nailed it! 😉030_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14This makes me laugh!
031_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14Her hair got tangled up in her buttons… BOBBI TO THE RESCUE! 032_bobbimike_MorrisCenter_AAw_14