Incredible right? RIGHT?!
01_bobbimike_aa1w201402_bobbimike_aa1w2014Alicja, you’re stunning… absolutely stunning! Adam’s mom emailed and gave me some info about the dress designer, she wrote, “Alicja’s red dress was made by Dr Haroon.  A medical doctor who gave up his practice and started designing wedding dresses.  Later in life he felt that his passion is design.  Now he is one of the best wedding dress designer with a long waiting list.” It really was one of the most beautiful and intricate dresses I’ve ever seen.

I adore Adam’s entire family. They’re all such great fun! 07_bobbimike_aa1w2014WRIGGLES! Their dresses were all so gorgeous! Alicja’s sister Anna and best friend Alek led the way.
08_bobbimike_aa1w201409_bobbimike_aa1w201411_bobbimike_aa1w201412_bobbimike_aa1w2014This is Sarah’s third appearance on this blog… she also happens to be Adam’s sister. 🙂  (Nicole and Kevin, Julia and Dave)
10_bobbimike_aa1w201413_bobbimike_aa1w2014I’ve never seen Henna done and it was beautiful to see!
14_bobbimike_aa1w2014Noreen. 🙂15_bobbimike_aa1w201416_bobbimike_aa1w201417_bobbimike_aa1w201418_bobbimike_aa1w2014Three of the men from Chicago’s Men of Dance came out and performed. It was amazing!!!!19_bobbimike_aa1w201420_bobbimike_aa1w201431_bobbimike_aa1w2014Adam and Sarah’s youngest sister Sonya is an incredible young lady. She reminds us more of Mike’s brother Jeffy than anyone either of us have ever met. She’s pure joy I tell you… PURE JOY! 😀0280_AdamAlicja_8_8_1421_bobbimike_aa1w2014Alicja’s Mom is such a beautiful and kind woman. It’s no wonder her daughters are as incredible as they are. 🙂0259_AdamAlicja_8_8_1422_bobbimike_aa1w201423_bobbimike_aa1w2014Alicja with Rafat, Adam’s father. 24_bobbimike_aa1w2014David and Rehan. 25_bobbimike_aa1w2014Sarah and Alex. 26_bobbimike_aa1w2014JULIA!!!!Yes yes yes… our May, 2013 Florida bride! 😀 People should pay this girl just to dance at wedding receptions…. she is FUNNNN CITY!27_bobbimike_aa1w201428_bobbimike_aa1w201429_bobbimike_aa1w2014Rafat and Zoreen (Adam’s parents)30_bobbimike_aa1w2014

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