she must be looking at someone telling HILARIOUS jokes… 😉


 Some of the best wedding shoes I've ever seen!  What more would you expect from a girl who wore shoes like THIS in her engagement photos!? 




 Love this!


 Alicia, you're beautiful!






 the priest was Irish… as in.. FROM Ireland… as in… the most awesome accent I've ever heard!  It was like Bono officiating the ceremony… but cooler!




 Nothing like a bagpiper at your Irish wedding…


 bobbi+mike FAVORITE!!!! AYKM!!??!?!? ❗ + ❓ Canvas? check and mark… 😉 Oh, and just so you know.. this was a real moment right after the ceremony as I sat in the front seat and rode with them to the reception hall. 🙂 Even sweeter, right??? 😀



 You two are awesome together. K? k.





 This one is SO Alicia!!!! 😀






 My view…


 Mikey's view of the exact same moment…




LONG ISLAND, NY.  Alicia and Chuck, as you can clearly tell… had a FABULOUS day!  Not ONE detail was overlooked… Alicia planned the entire event perrrrrrfectly!

Right before the ceremony started… it was just Alicia and I in this back room.  She looked over at me and said, "I'm so happy you're here photographing our wedding…"  I teared up a bit and gave her a big hug… talk about making a girl feel loved!

In New York there are lots and lots of Irish families… Irish families that all stay together and don't move… Irish families that are deep in tradition… Irish families that like to dance… Irish families that look JUST alike!   I sort of felt like I could be everyone's sister… little noses, pink skin, big eyes, freckles, auburn hair, rosey cheeks… it was awesome.  They even did an Irish choreographed dance! 😀 One of the BEST parts about our jobs is that we get to see so many different traditions… traditions that we never would have seen if we weren't wedding photographers… 🙂

You know, different parts of the country do weddings differently.  For example, in Indiana… we usually have really long dancing receptions while in Kentucky, they're much shorter.  In New York… they spread the events out throughout the entire reception.  For example, Alicia and Chuck walked in and immediately did their first dance… then… EVERYONE got up to dance for an hour…. THEN we had dinner…. then lots more dancing (this was a DANCING group!)… THEN toasts…. and of course more dancing…. THEN father/daughter, mother/son dance… etc, etc, etc.  The reception just had a great pace to it and really kept the energy high. 🙂

Alicia and Chuck, thank you for asking us photograph your amazing wedding day!

Much love!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

OK…so you've waited oh so patiently.  Here you go!  Click here to see Alicia's and Chuck's slide show!  The user name is Alicia's maiden name, and the password is Chuck's last name, in all lower case (no apostrophe).  Also, click here to view their entire photo gallery.  The event key is again Chuck's last name, in all lower case.





 she WAS looking at someone telling hilarious jokes!!!!!! 😉


 Who knew that THIS is what I look like when I'm jumping… and trying to get bridesmaids to laugh?! 😀


❗ + ❓