Alex & Jay
Indianapolis, Ind.

I cannot tell a lie… we knocked this one outta the park. Just call me Bobbi “Humble” Sheridan… 😉
01_indianapoliswedding_ajw1503_indianapoliswedding_ajw15I love Stephen’s reaction in the background… 02_indianapoliswedding_ajw1505_indianapoliswedding_ajw15Alex and Jay both got ready at Le Mèridien in downtown Indianapolis.… some of the best light I’ve ever shot getting ready images in! I keep trying to start a “Say No-lescent to Flo-escent” Campaign… but it’s not catching on… 😉 So if you’re looking for the perfect place to get ready for your wedding, GO THERE! 06_indianapoliswedding_ajw15ALEX! YOU! ARE! BEAUUUUTIFULLLL!!!!07_indianapoliswedding_ajw15Alex is obsessed with Coca Cola… so it was only fitting that she requested this photo. 🙂08_indianapoliswedding_ajw15LOVE THIS!09_indianapoliswedding_ajw15SUCH gorgeously sweet bridesmaids! 10_indianapoliswedding_ajw15This selfie stick was the hit of the day… 11_indianapoliswedding_ajw15About to walk down the aisle…
12_indianapoliswedding_ajw15Dad practicing lifting up her veil.13_indianapoliswedding_ajw15The best part about my job is the exclusive view to moments like these. 🙂
14_indianapoliswedding_ajw15She looks so much like her dad. 15_indianapoliswedding_ajw15My theory on photographing the ceremony if there are no rules, I’ll shoot it from anywhere as long as I remain respectful, move quietly, slowly and don’t make a scene getting there. 16_indianapoliswedding_ajw15MARRIED!17_indianapoliswedding_ajw1518_indianapoliswedding_ajw15My favorite ❗19_indianapoliswedding_ajw1520_indianapoliswedding_ajw1521_indianapoliswedding_ajw15You two are just perfect for each other. 😀22_indianapoliswedding_ajw15That selfie stick strikes again! 23_indianapoliswedding_ajw15Love me a good first dance. 24_indianapoliswedding_ajw15See? Told you they were perfect for each other! 25_indianapoliswedding_ajw1526_indianapoliswedding_ajw15Such a fantastic party!27_indianapoliswedding_ajw1528_indianapoliswedding_ajw1529_indianapoliswedding_ajw15Recognize this duo? Mm hmm… Jackie and Bryan… 2008!30_indianapoliswedding_ajw1531_indianapoliswedding_ajw15I adore you two!


Indianapolis, Ind.

coordinator  •  Anne Rogers
•  Gracie, Bobby Cooper Salon
makeup  •  Mandy Odle
florist  •  The Empty Vase
ceremony & reception venue  •  Scottish Rite Cathedral
band  • Radio/Rodeo Incorporated
videographer  •  Andy Young, Granola Video
cake  • Heavenly Sweets
french pastries  •  Cake Bake Shop
late night snack  •  Kilroy’s
dress  •  Lea Ann Belter
bridesmaid dresses  •  Adrianna Papell
tuxedo manufacturer  •  Black Tux


their songs

first dance  •  “Thinking Out Loud” -Ed Sheeran
father/daughter  •  “Cinderella” -Steven Curtis Chapman
mother/son  •  “My Wish” -Rascal Flatts


  What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Alex:  When it was all over and we were running out and my mom had to sprint in front of us so she could get outside in time and when we got in to leave my dad was right there at the end of the line to say bye and I looked back at all our friends and family and my mom’s head popped up from the back of the crowd with a huge smile waving.

Jay: My favorite memory was while they were playing our song during the ceremony and we had a few quiet minutes together to slow the day down.

  Funniest memory from your wedding day?

Alex:  When I was getting out of the car with my dad heading into the ceremony the top button of my dress came off and we couldn’t find it. Luckily one of my bridesmaids had an emergency sewing kit on them, so Bobbi was able to sew me into my dress! Then later that night, my maid of honor had to cut me out of it!

Jay: We had champagne while we were getting ready and both times the cork shot off across the room before we opened them.

  If you could do it all over, would you change anything?

No way!

  Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea. They were all amazing!

Much love friends!