FINALLY… Addison’s BIG DEBUT on the bloggg! 🙂

 Addison’s parents love her so much…

 see? I just love how sweetly she’s looking at me. 🙂 …probably because I AM sweet, duhtown.

 When she gets married, this photo will play in her slideshow… In about 25 years, I’ll prove it (because I’ll be there coming out of wedding photography retirement just for her)… 😉

 The light was magical 🙂 OHHHH yes, I said MAGICAL!!!!

 AND THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is my FAAAAAAAVORITE image that I’ve taken in months. ❗ I wish we had video of this moment 🙂 Andrea was trying to lift Addison up and she kept throwing her head back to enjoy the rays.  She was just so incredibly happy. 🙂 I’m doing this little story zero justice, it was awesome… just believe me, k? By the way, Mikey’s favorite too ❓

 …once a graphic designer, always a graphic designer 😉


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. I don’t know what to say about these two that hasn’t already been said. 🙂 After all, they’re sort of blog regulars. 😀 Click here to see: an engagement photo, a wedding photo, and a maternity photo 🙂

We all moved to Indianapolis from Fort Wayne at the same time.  So we sort of knew no one here…. well, except each other.  Over the past few years, these guys have become some of our best friends… They would do anything for us… as we would for them.

We love that we get to watch Addison grow up. No worries, as long as we’re watchin’… you’re watchin’, too!  You KNOW her little sweetness is going to be ALL over this blog for years to come.

We love you guys. Just do. 🙂

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

PS. Shameless plug… if you’re looking for an AMAZING graphic designer that specializes in branding/logo development… look no further! EMAIL RYAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Okay… shameless plug over.

PPS. Yes yes yes… the blog has bigger images now 🙂 Oh… and I’m sure you noticed the new framing 😀 And keep a look out for the new header images… there are 130 different ones that rotate in on nearly every refresh. Hope you dig it!!!!!

OHHHH the things you’ll do to get a reaction!  By the end of the session I was doing some CRAZY stuff. I went to Pilates the next morning and could NOT for the life of me figure out why my neck was so sore… THEN it occurred to me… SUMMERSUALTS!!!! (OH yes… summersaults work like a charm to get the smiles!) My instructor said,”Be sure to tuck your head in the next time!” Could you imagine me preparing my form before I start actin’ all crazy!? HA!

❗ + ❓