Ryan took video of Addi looking at the photos on the blog. Prepare to have your heart melted into one zillion pieces. Ladies… hit play at your own risk and hold onto your ovaries. No, seriously. Consider yourself warned. 🙂 This little lady LOVES her some Mike. Can’t say I blame her 😉

THEN… I remembered that Mike was taking video for just a bit and found THIS little gem!!! 🙂 “standing on the books… standing on the books…”

And just for Addi, I found more photos of her beloved mmmiKe. hooray.

annnnnd… me… standing on the books looking a wee bit like cornholio. 🙂 You may have noticed that I haven’t been putting photos of myself up from sessions lately. That’s because my clothes are too big for me and I think I look like shiz…. AKA, not feeling so great about myself 😉 But, whatever… for Addison, I’d do anything 😀

Thanks for watching friends… 🙂 Hope your day is perfect!
bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓