Today isn’t a weigh in day… but it is a Friday… so, what better day to show off some of our last rounds losers 😉

Last week, a few of the local healthy train peeps (the ones who sent in “after” photos on the last round <– click for some SERIOUS weight loss inspiration!) got together for dinner… on me! Well, not literally ON me… sheeeesh!  It was my way of saying thank you 😀

After dinner… I did a quickie impromptu photo session for each of them to show off their new hotness, just for fun.

Here’s Dane…. you know, the guy who’s lost over half of his body weight over the last 2 years. YEAH, him! Here’s a reminder of his before/after. Oh, and because it’s kind of a big deal… here’s his STARTING before/after. <– you MUST click!

Oh, and speaking of Dane… I just made him an admin of the healthy train group on Facebook… as it’s a bit difficult for me to keep up with it all. He’s an incredible motivator and is quite the smarty pants when it comes to weight loss… so if you have questions/need a dose of inspiration… get in touch 😀

Here’s April, a local event planner 🙂 This was the first time I’d seen her in person since she’s lost all of this weight… and let me tell you… WOW TO HER GORGEOUSNESS!!! A reminder of her before/after.

Meet Melissa! I’m a fan… I know you will be too 😀 She’s FULL of energy and laughs at all of my hilarious jokes 😉 A reminder of her before/after.

Here we all are… self timer style 😀 I love this photo!

Wacky Bobbi strikes again 😉 If you knew the TERRAIN and how FAR I had to SPRINT through to make it to that spot in 10 seconds (self timer, remember)… You’d be mad impressed! From left to right, Dane, me, Melissa and April. 🙂 PS. did I really just say “mad impressed” ?!??!!? What’s happening to me???

Thanks again for… well… everything. You have no idea how much you inspire me. Thanks for standing beside me. I genuinely couldn’t ask for better cheer leaders. Next photo shoot… I’m bring pompoms. 😉

Love to you friends…