Just as an FYI… we’re 100% booked up for year for portrait sessions.  However, there will be a day in late October where we’ll be doing a rapid-fire style “Christmas card photo” day…. as in, we shoot twenty mini sessions in one day, back to back to back 🙂 If you’re interested…. keep an eye on our blog for more info on that 😀 (That’s tentatively set for November 1st)

For weddings, we’re booked up through September.  However, these Saturdays are still available 🙂

October 3
October 31
November 28
December 5
December 12
December 19

As for 2010…. 🙂

February is closed (we have a family thing that month)

June is almost 100% booked (June 5th is still open)

Some amazing photo bloggggidy is coming atchya tomorrow!


~bobbi ❗