Just so you guys know… 🙂
We're maxed out.  Topped off.  Busting at the seams.  We can no longer accept any new sessions taking place in 2008.

Don't worry though!  If you're an early '09 bride who still needs an engagement session, we'll fit you in this fall.

We would LOOOOVVVEEE to take more sessions this summer/fall, but we have literally run out of dates to shoot. Thanks to everyone who's made and is making '08 great!  (we're cheeseballs, deal with it!)

And LIKE ALWAYS… what's a photo blog without a photo?!



This one brings me much happiness!  Why?  It was taken at the AMAAAAAAZING wedding of andrea+andy (who I LOVE!).  And it was taken BY the AMAAAAAAZING Kate (who I also LOOOOOVE!!!!).  In this photo I'm wearing bridesmaid Liz's AWESOME sunglasses, a flower from some random bouquet and a kids clip on tie that was left in the middle of the dance floor.  Hey… I wanted to be pretty for our photo with the b&g 😀  We were setting Kate up to take the photo of all of us… and she took a few test shots 😉  I look SO funny in this photo!!!!!! LOVE YOU ANDREA+KATE!!!!!!