let's keep this simple

the package: everything you need for your wedding day

  • engagement session

    An engagement session is not only an opportunity to get some great photos, but you will also experience first hand what it will feel like be in front of the camera on your wedding day. Our engagement sessions are also a fun way for us to get to know each other a little better. You get to see how we work, and we get to see how you work. Badaboom, badabing... just do it!

    $1200 (-25% = $900)
  • extra time

    Hey party animals, if additional hours over the included package are needed, you may add them in one hour increments.

    $300/hr (-25% = $225/hr)
  • unboxed photobooth

    So you think you know what a photobooth is!? Well, you haven’t seen our “unboxed” version yet... it’s not even a booth! Find a blank wall at your reception and either leave it blank or decorate it up. It’s an open slate for you along with your family and friends to come strut your stuff! You get the full rez images included with your digital files taken in the same quality as all of your gorgeous wedding images.

    $600 (-25% = $450)
  • custom guestbook

    Your engagement photos bound into an 8x10” 30-page book with white space available for all of your fun guests to sign. It’s like the last day of school with your best friends signing your yearbook... but better!

    $800 (-25% = $600)
  • 12X12" 24-pg album

    Bound with full page edge-to-edge prints, our albums are awesome! We will custom design your album from start to finish into dramatic page layouts. Additional pages are $60/pg (two pages = one spread). 70 page maximum.

    $1600 (-25% = $1200)
  • 10X10" duplicate parent album

    The perfecto gift for your parents... an exact replica of your album, just smaller! Additional pages are $30/pg (two pages = one spread). 70 page maximum. Price listed is only applicable to duplicate albums.

    $800 (-25% = $600)
Amanda & Jared
No. 00

I could not have chosen a more fun, compassionate, or fierce lady to be by our side on our wedding day. She has seen it all and knows how to navigate the action—with a booming voice to organize your gigantic family portrait, silly faces to get the kiddos smiling, and the ability to create space for the special couple to take it all in.

– Amanda & Jared Next
Sarah & Rehan
No. 00

When I got engaged, I told my now husband that a non-negotiable for our wedding was Bobbi. The reasons were simple--Bobbi is the most talented photographer I've ever seen and she takes control and keeps you calm on the big day. I knew I would never have to worry about anything because I have absolute trust in Bobbi's talent and ability to manage.

– Sarah & Rehan Next
Megan & Curtis
No. 00

Having Bobbi as our photographer was by far the best decision we made for our wedding. You can tell she cares so much about her couples and about the photos she captures. When we look back and relive our wedding day, we are so happy and honored that Bobbi was a part of such a special time in our lives.

– Megan & Curtis Next
Blair & Dan
No. 00

When you hire a photographer, you hope for the standard things - great shots, professionalism, easy to work with, etc. With Bobbi, we got all of that and WAY more - a friend, a bubbly side kick, an advisor, a firecracker with energy and a person that not only made the picture part of the wedding day FUN, but the rest of the night too.

– Blair & Dan Next
MurphyMo & ZoBelle
No. 00






– MurphyMo & ZoBelle Next
Adam & Alicja
No. 00

Bobbi is incredibly talented, professional, enthusiastic, full of energy and super FUN to work with! She made us feel extremely comfortable during our wedding day weekend. Bobbi, Thank you so so much for capturing every moment perfectly and making our wedding memories so special!!! WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!

– Adam & Alicja Next
Sarah & Sam
No. 00

It's hard to describe just how talented Bobbi is. When you look at one of her pictures, you're not just looking at a still shot -- you're reliving everything about that moment. Because somehow, it's all in there. I can confidently say we'll never use another photographer.

– Sarah & Sam Next