lauren & adam
lauren & adam
lauren & adam
brookville, IN

Ohhhhh my gosh you guys are going to flip your pants after seeing this wedding! By the way, I have no idea what that means but I feel good about it… “flip your pants…” I’m goin’ with it!
They married at Lauren’s parent’s house. If the property looks familiar, that’s because we’ve shot there before (Lauren is Rachel’s sister).Your mind = blown! 😉 Jumping into a lake… such a fun way to start a wedding day, right?!HA! 😀
You know I love me some symmetry!A bride in Converse is a bride after my heart!
Holy hot bridesmaids Batman!
…though Lauren definitely steals the show! Stunning, right?! RIGHT!
These ladies are sisters. See that tattoo? It’s an inside joke from years ago… they saw a statue and recreated it. They’ve since been recreating the photo every time they get together. So last year (if my memory serves me correctly), they all got matching sister tattoos. 😀 And now you know!
See the beer? notice the label has a photo of the bride & groom? All brewed and labeled by Lauren, Adam and family. It’s their thing. 🙂Loved the sign that sat at the entry to the ceremony!Josie, you ROCKED those petals!
…here comes the briiiiiide….I just love you two together… you’re genuinely the perfect match.She made this face for almost the entirety of the ceremony. In all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier bride. Ever.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS WEDDING LOCATION?! Perfection! (Good work Rachel…) Mike’s view. My view. If I could specialize in outdoor ceremonies in the shade… I would. I SO would! (take note future brides…) Oh, and I haven’t mentioned the amazingness that was Lauren’s wedding dress yet. WHOA! PERFECTION! And just because I like to remind people that we do in fact take family pics… here’s one of Lauren’s family. You guys know I rarely post photos of details… and I’ve had many ask me why. Well you’re about to find out. 😀

Towards the beginning of my blogging life I would post details in nearly every entry… and after a while I was noticing that when I’d show up to some weddings the bride would immediately apologize, “I’m so sorry that our wedding isn’t as beautiful as all of the others on your blog! We tried to make it look nice for you but we just couldn’t afford it!” WHAAAAT?!! Shut your mouth!  The truth is, we shoot weddings from a very wide range of budgets and I’ve never wanted a bride to feel like her wedding meant less to us, or wasn’t as extravagant, etc. So there you have it… why I rarely post photos of details. 😀
So pretty!
The guests sat on these hay bails covered in family blankets.
Damn you two… damn. That’s all I got. Damn. Mike’s favorite ❓ PS. yes, that’s the famous canoeThe light was so money.The bride’s dad surprised us all (us included!) with fireworks during their first dance. LOOOOOOOOVE!!!!Have any of you guys seen this? We hadn’t until this wedding, and we’ve since seen it one more time. It’s called The Shoe Game. Obsessed with this. Aren’t you? I thought so. Boom. Married. My favorite ❗ Congratulations you two!

Much love friends!

~bobbi ❗



I’m hunting wabbits, hunting waaaaaabbits…
“Are you talkin’ to me?!” -Lauren

“OH NO YOU DIDN’T!” -Bobbi

“You’re giving me a headache!” -Adam  (full disclosure: he was wiping his sweat) 😀

I was showing them my best hip hop dance moves… they’re clearly liking it. Well, other than team Vanoven over there (on the right)… they’ve seen better. 😉 Though really, has anyone SEEN Nick’s dance moves?! I’m not worthy!!!! (full disclosure #2: I’m kidding, I’m not really hip hop dancing… though wouldn’t it be cool if I were?!)