This has been the week of attorneys and cute dogs in downtown Chicago!
Katie and Michael were guests at Julia and Dave’s wedding in Florida last spring. Bruuuuuuce! This boy is a HAM! I mean could he be any more perfect in this image?! I’ll answer that for you… no! One of my favorites ❗HEYYYY Chicago!  Mike’s favorite ❓See the Fireplace Inn in the background?  I don’t 100% remember the details, but I think that was where their first unofficial date was…

My view on the left.  …and Mike’s view. Katie’s celebrity lookalike… A young Maria Shriver. See that big blue building? They met there while both working at the same law firm. They requested an image with it in the background. You see… it’s a HUGE building… so getting it all in one image wasn’t the easiest of tasks. As we walked around Chicago I was on a mission to find THE spot…. and then I saw it… as though it was out of the movies… a light shining down from above as the choir sang in the background. Badaboom Badabing! I love me a good challenge. 🙂“From that day on we was always together. We was like peas and carrots.” -Forrest Gump. 😉The light was so money that day. 🙂Love this! My other favorite ❗

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Chicago, Ill.

Together  ::  St Patrick’s Day, 2012  •  Engaged  ::  August 13, 2013  •  Wedding  ::  May 10, 2014  ::  Indianapolis, Ind. 

Katie ::  Attorney (labor & employment)  ::  Hometown  •  Indianapolis, Ind.  ::   five words  •  The best person I know.

Michael  ::  Attorney (commercial litigation)  •  Hometown  •  Brookfield, Ill.  ::   five words  •  Kind, smart, calm, funny, handsome

How they met, as told by Katie  ::  On a Saturday just before Halloween 2011, I randomly bumped into a partner at the firm where Michael and I both worked at the time. A few minutes later, that partner emailed me asking if I could come in that weekend on an emergency matter.  I agreed, and the next day I walked into that partner’s office and met Michael, who had already been roped into the case as well.  I then proceeded to receive months of flirtatious “work” emails and was certain Michael had a crush (Editors note: Michael claims it was not that obvious) before he finally asked me out on St. Patrick’s Day 2012.  Now here we are 🙂


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A picture is worth a thousand words… 🙂 Bruce, don’t you worry… we all know that you’re the king of Chicago! 😀 And what the heck am I doing back there?! Next to me is Katie’s mom… who was helping with Bruce. Whatever the case, I’m clearly feeling quite passionate about something!

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Much love friends,

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓ [br] [br] [br] [br]