This week… -2.2 lbs. YEAHYEAHYEAH!  Total weight loss: -8.8, YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHHHHH!!!!!!  My Christmas goal was to lose 16.6 lbs in 11 weeks… which is about 1.5 lbs a week.  WHICH MEANS… I'm RIGHT ON TARGET!!!!!!!!!!  I have 7.8 lbs left to lose in the next five weeks which is about 1.6 lbs a week.  That's TOTALLY doable!  GAH! I'm SO proud of myself!!!!!!!

Now… MOST of you guys have given me your Christmas goals… those of you haven't I've emailed personally (and many of you still haven't gotten back with me… DO IT!). So, I did a little math and came up with how much weight you've lost, what your Christmas goals were… and how much each of you have to lose a week for the next five weeks to hit your target. 😀  It's very neat to see it all broken down like this to realize how attainable our goals really are. 🙂



AN UPDATE:  (as of 11.22 @ 2:45pm)

These people have weighed in for the week!!!!! 😀

TOTAL weight loss for these 33 people: 183.8 lbs!


Next to your name is how much you should be losing each week for the next five weeks to hit your Christmas goal. 🙂 Those of you with question marks never responded 🙁


Alyssa (Hybrid Photography)    2.0
Amanda Abel    1.0
Amber (Smitten Photos)    1.5
Ann Page    1.0
Anna McClary    1.3
Blair Van Bussel    0.5
Bobbi    1.5
Brooke J.    0.7
Cathy Bock    2.2
Chris (CScott Photography)    0.6
Courtney Reece    1.4
Dana (Short And Sweet Photo)    1.3
David Bock    2.1
Elle M.    1.6
Jessica P.    3.0
Jill S. (Flair Photography by Jill)    3.0
Josh Solar    1.7
Kathy T.    2.0
Katie Baker    1.0
Kim Ilax    0
Kyle Hepp    0.6
Laura (Simply You Photos)    1.0
Marcia Tumminaro    1.0
Melissa D    2.4
Mike    1.6
Mindy Peterson    0.8
Monica N    1.7
Nessa    1.0
Nicole Neff    1.4
Sarah Quiara    2.8
Vania    1.8
Wade Carignan    ?
Watty    0.8


We have not yet heard from these guys this week: 🙁

Adrienne (CScott Photography)      2.0
Allie    1.4
Anne Ruthmann    ?
Annie (Varland Photography)    2.8
Brandi Thompson    0.8
Brenda    2.2
Cailyn    1.6
David (SD Ohana)    2.0
Erich M.    ?
Faye Sommer    1.2
Ginger Ivey    2.0
Heather Cole    3.0
Jen Fieck    2.0
Jennifer Adkins    2.4
Jennifer L    2.4
Jessica (lemongrass Photo)    1.8
Jill P.    0.8
Kate M.    1.7
Kimi (SD Ohana)    2.4
Lisa Russo    ?
Marcie M.    1.0



Allie    1.4
Clary (Clary Photo)    1.1
Diane (Memorable Instants)    1.6
Gena Sue    1.0
Jen Fieck    2.0
Katy Regnier    2.0
Leah Mullett    ?
Michelle Ross    ?
Sarah Smith   ?



So, I've been taking this opportunity on my blog for you guys to get to know me a little better and possibly explore within myself when the weight became a problem for me.  Today I'm going to tell you about something that was a  HUGE part of my life. 

What might that be?  APPLEBEE'S!


April, 1999.  This was before I waited tables… I was a hostess. For my friends in KC… that's the Applebee's on Barry Road across from the movie theaters. HELLOOOOO BROWN HAIR!





I started there in September, 1997 and continued working there until January, 2004. That's highschool through 8 months after college (hey, I was job searching… don't hate).  It was soon after I quit that job when I really started putting on the pounds.  You might think that working in a restaraunt would be BADDDDDD for your health, but in reality… I was running around like a crazy person burning calories.  Then… I got a desk job and watched the pounds start piling on.  Ugh.

I genuinely LOVED that job so much!  I've worked at six different Applebee's locations in both Missouri and Indiana. 

I'm guessing that these little stories I tell you are incredibly boring to you… but, again… it was such a big part of my life and quitting there was definitely part of the reason I started to really put on the pounds.

Bottom line: for you photographers/desk jobbers out there who are on this weight loss train with me… I think we all need to find something to do with our time when we're not editing photos and sitting on our butts to be MUCH more physically active.  Dontchya think? Let's brainstorm that one!!!

So tell me… how'd YOU do this week?! I cannot WAIT to hear!!!!!!!!


~bobbi ❗

PS. as always, you can join anytime… just add your name to the comment section down there.