Hi Beautiful Bessie!


 A new tip! To break your shoes in a little more quickly, wear tube socks with them around the house 🙂 WHO KNEW?!


 That GORGEOUS Vera Wang (yes, I said Vera Wang!) dress is probably 13' up there.  I had this grand idea to put it in this window and asked for a ladder… I turned around, and there was a ladder… uhm… I didn't THINK about the task of actually having to CLIMB the ladder WITH the dress (I'm an idiot!)… oh, and not to mention being 5'2"… AHHHH!!!!! But I did it… OH SO CAREFULLY… but oh oh oh oh yes… I got it up there!


 The BEAUTY of windows. 🙂 Can I just say that I wish that EVERY bride would get ready in a room with windows??!? Yes, I can say that… it's MY blog! 😀


 I love this!




 OOOOOKAY… so, as you're about to see with the rest of this entry… it rained ALL day. 🙂 Here's Bessie getting out of the limo, and into the rain. I just LOVE the look on her face. 🙂 If you look closely, you can even see some rain speckles coming into the limo through the open door… (My view)


10 seconds later… Mikey's view. 😀 In the background, the guy with the blue and white umbrella is helping me out….


 I love how Elias looks at her…







 We didn't let a little bit of rain stop us… NO WAY!


 Favorite! ❗


 You're about to see THE most EXQUISITE dessert bar you will have EVER seen… EVERRRR! I don't even know what to say about it other than this one word: YUMTOWN!!!!!!


 Bessie, you're so damn cute!




 Yes yes yes… this wedding was on the 4th of July. They had a private fireworks show for all of their guests. 🙂 HOW COOL IS THAT?!






 I don't know what exactly this was, but it was VERY cool. This guy danced around this drink for a few minutes while the guests circled around him on their knees, then he got down and picked it up with his mouth… and everyone cheered. 🙂   


Mikey's favorite! ❓


MERRILLVILLE, Ind. OH.MY.GOSH… AMAAAAAZINNNNNG.WEDDING! Bessie and Elias had an INCREDIBLE day filled with OH SO much joy, sweetness and fun. 🙂  As you can tell by the photos… not ONE thing was overlooked… from her makeup/hair/dress to the fireworks and dessert… everything was perfection!

I LOVE "how did you meet?" stories. So, of course, I asked!! ANNND… here's the story!  They went to the same church… and Elias was interested. 🙂 Bessie is an attorney. How do you get an attorney that you're interested in to go to lunch with you? You ask for legal advice. 😀 So… off to lunch they went.  The rest is history! I asked… "so, what kind of legal advice did he need?" Her response, "He never asked!" HA! 😀

I would like to give these two BIG ol' props. 🙂 As I've already mentioned, it rained all day… but I will tell you this… not ONCE did anyone complain about it.  I suggested stepping outside with an umbrella for some fun/artsy photos and, without hesitation, they were on their way.  One of the MANY reasons I love our couples. 🙂 

Bessie and Elias, thank you thank you THANK YOU for being amazing!!!!

Lots of love!

~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

It is that time! Click here for Bessie's and Elias's slide show.  the user name is Bessie's maiden name, and the password is Elias's last name, in all lower case.  Also, click here for their full gallery.  The event key is again Elias's last name, in all lower case.



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