WHOA!!!! No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you… and nope…. no Photoshopping. 🙂 It was taken on the bevel of the mirror.  Yes, I’m a photo genius. 😉


Ashley gave Chris the sweetest gift in the history of the world.  After a few months of dating, Ashley started keeping a diary… a diary that I presume was all about him. 🙂 So, right before they walked down the aisle… he opened it as a gift.  For the rest of the time, he couldn’t quit reading it.



This is SO Chris! And quite convincing, too!


Gerbera daisy bllllling!



Proud of this. 🙂




OH SO DEBONAIRE! (how’s THAT for a 50 center?! Uhm… did I even spell it right?!)



Their ceremony was SO full of emotion and sweetness. When they would pray and were supposed to have their heads bowed and eyes closed, Chris couldn’t keep his eyes off of Ashley… it was awesome.










FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!! ❗


Colorado? Check and mark!


Mikey’s favorite ❓



Ashley’s parents surprised them with a Rolls Royce. YEAHHHH! Nice headlights, huh?! (that was for you Bob and John…)


My view…


Mikey’s view…. RIDIC!





ESTES PARK, Co. Ashley is an aspiring photographer herself… freshly graduated from Mizzou’s photojournalism department.  I asked Ashley how she found us all the way in Indiana…. “Darbi introduced me!” You see, she often assists Darbi G., a wedding photographer, in Columbia Missouri. 🙂  So… thanks for the introduction friendo!

When Ashley and Chris became engaged… next came the task of picking a place to get married… They both live in Missouri, Ashley’s family lives in Illinois and Chris’ family in Texas.  So really… anywhere they went, lots of people would have to travel there.  So… what do they do… they plan a destination wedding in Colorado!  Why there???!?! It’s their favorite place… and where they got engaged. 😀 PERFECTION!

What I LOVE about destination weddings is that your ENTIRE family is in the same place at the same time… just one big ol’ family vacation!  Oh, and let me tell you… they, along with their families were just incredible people.  So, when we arrive Friday… and start getting to know everyone… we IMMEDIATELY feel like part of the family (when’s the next family reunion?! we’re in!).  The whole event just has such a comfortable energy.  By the way, is that an oxymoron? “comfortable energy” Whatever.. you guys get what I’m trying to say… right???!?

We feel completely honored that you guys chose us as your photographers… we had such an amazing time… and cannot thank you enough for EVERYTHING!

Much love friends!
~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

Yes, yes you guessed it.  Slide show time!  Click here! The user name is Ashley’s maiden name, and the password is Chris’s last name, in all lower case.  Also, click here for Ashely’s and Chris’s full gallery.  The event key is again Chris’s last name, in all lower case.








❗ + ❓