We first met Adam at Nicole and Kevin’s wedding back in 2010. Adam is the kind of guy you don’t ever forget! He’s very funny, a bit loud, and always himself (sound like anyone else you know? 😉 ).  When I heard from his sister (who was the Maid of Honor at said wedding) that he was close to being engaged I knew I just had to meet this girl!  Well, I can tell you this… after meeting her and seeing them together I can assure you that Alicja couldn’t be more perfect for him!  She’s funny, sweet, gorgeous, (are you KIDDING ME?!) and she thinks Adam is the most hilarious guy on the planet. I mean it when I say that they both found their perfect match. Okay… on to the images!

Meet Wriggles! She’s a sweet and delicate flower. 😉 My favorite! ❗We started the session at their condo with the aforementioned sweetness that is their bulldog Wriggles. We brought Murphy along and let me tell you, Wriggles LOVED MurphyMo! …then we headed into the city. Mike’s favorite ❓
Chicago’s West Town has OH SO much color!HELLOOOOO HOT LEGS! My view. Mike’s view. I think these two laughed with each other more than any other couple we’ve ever photographed!Oh hey there symmetry. 🙂Confession: when Alicja first emailed me, I looked up the pronunciation of her name… after all, I’d never seen a name spelled that way! So to anyone else out there wondering, heeeere youuuuu gooooo! It’s “ah-LEETS-yah”… and it’s the Polish form of “Alice.” And now you know!
We ended the session at their favorite local pub… which happens to be walking distance from their home. That’s gotta be the best part of living in a big  big city… so many things within walking distance.
My other favorite. ❗ My view.

Mike’s view.  🙂 I love this photo of you Alicja. Adam clearly makes you so very happy! 


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Chicago, Ill.

Dating  ::  2.12.11  ::  Engaged  ::  8.11.13  ::  Wedding  ::  8.9.14  ::  South Bend, Ind.

Alicja ::  Nuclear Medicine Technology  ::  Hometown  •  Poland, Olesno; moved to the US at age 19, lived in Romeoville Ill.   
five words  •  lovable, sweet, sexy, genuine, beautiful 

Adam  ::  Attorney, specializing in Real Estate Law  •  Hometown  •  South Bend, Ind.
 five words  •  super handsome of course, funny, smart, sexy, caring 


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I have so many images of Mike sitting/standing in random places so that I can see how the light/composition looks. 😉
Short hair don’t care.
I clearly think I’m quite witty! 🙂

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~bobbi+mike ❗ + ❓

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