Welcome friends! I’m a music-loving, dog-obsessed photographer who shoots weddings and families all over the world. I laugh loudly, I’m a little quirky, I’m passionate and I’m damn good at my job!

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I love people, personalities, and am fascinated by relationships of all kinds. Images full of life, immense joy and genuine connections… that’s my jam!

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    I've seen it all!

    I once shot a wedding that was hit by a tornado! The tent collapsed right as the reception started; the DJ along with most of the guests left immediately.  The day seemed over. Au contraire! I downloaded their song onto my iPhone, pulled a car around with big speakers and announced to the remaining guests that it was time for their first dance. BADABOOM BADABING, I got this.


    I've seen it all!
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    I do this because I love it

    I get a front row seat with an all-inclusive pass to one of best days of your lives. I get to stand five feet away from a father and daughter in the back of the ceremony as they try to avoid eye contact because they each know, without saying a word, that if they lock eyes they’re both going to lose it. Aaaare you kidding me?!  Mmm hmm… you’re damn right I love this job!

    I do this because I love it
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    I’ve photo’d over 300 weddings in 28 states and six countries. I’ve won a few awards and have been featured in books and websites. While all of that is exciting and humbling, the only people I truly care about impressing are the people who I photograph (and my grandma).*

    *my headshot in a magazine goes a really long way when it comes to impressing grandma.  So, I’ll take what I can get! #noshame
more, more, more!
  • High fives motivate me!
  • My celebrity look-alike / act-alike is Amy Poehler with a large dose of Leslie Knope.
  • Before I was a photographer I voiced radio commercials.
  • I’ve never been stung by a bee.
  • I was in the Army. Most people find that shocking until they spend a few hours with me.
  • My senior year of HS I was voted class clown & most spirited; not much has changed.
  • I laugh, a lot, and loudly. Consider yourself warned.
  • My family & closest friends call me Bob. That extra syllable is exhausting!
the squad
Photographer & Office Manager

Meet one of my favorite people in the whole world! Megan makes me laugh harder than anyone, keeps me organized, takes pride in everything she does, is almost as much of a goofball as I am, aaaaand she also happens to be an incredible photographer (BONUS!)

The best way I can describe her is that she’s the introverted version of myself.  What a relief right?! Two of me would be out of control!

Bobbi = ENFP  |  Megan = ISFJ

I’d be lost without her, that’s for sure!


Head of Security, Chief Happiness Officer, Momma’s Best Friend

Ruth "Baby Girl" Belle

HBIC, Assistant Crime Fighter, Snuggle Specialist

Amanda & Jared
No. 03

I could not have chosen a more fun, compassionate, or fierce lady to be by our side on our wedding day. She has seen it all and knows how to navigate the action—with a booming voice to organize your gigantic family portrait, silly faces to get the kiddos smiling, and the ability to create space for the special couple to take it all in.

– Amanda & Jared Next
Julia & Dave
No. 03

We woke up to the news that a mini-hurricane was going to hit our outdoor wedding, and our plans were changed last minute. Bobbi walked in, talking about how beautiful everything was going to be, putting me at immediate ease. She wasn't scared of a little rain; in fact, she absolutely rocked our wedding portraits with a smile on her face!

– Julia & Dave Next
Jacox Family
No. 03

What I love most about Bobbi's images is that you feel them before you see them. When I look our photos I feel the fun, joy, and love before I notice what we are wearing or doing. Bobbi has an amazing ability to capture real connections and emotions better than anyone I've seen. She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed because she is so genuine and in the moment.

– Jacox Family Next
Megan & Curtis
No. 03

Having Bobbi as our photographer was by far the best decision we made for our wedding. You can tell she cares so much about her couples and about the photos she captures. When we look back and relive our wedding day, we are so happy and honored that Bobbi was a part of such a special time in our lives.

– Megan & Curtis Next
Julie & Reagan
No. 03

Our experience with Bobbi was like meeting someone for the first time but feeling like you've known them forever. She bonded with my then-6 year old daughter within the first two minutes and captured our relationship, our little "party of two" family, perfectly. Her ability to find and capture connections is a true gift.

– Julie & Reagan Next
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