HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE!!!!!!!! well, yesterday (June 14th) 😉 But, if you know me… even 1%… you know that I am kind of obsessed with my birthday. “kind of” is not really accurate… more like… I flipping LOOOOOVE my  birthday!!!!!!! For me… it’s more like birthday week. So… yeah yeah yeah, I’m technically a day late but really… the festivities have just begun 😉

When I was a kid… my family referred to me as “the rainbow kid” and to this day… G-ma still calls me that… especially when she comes to our house and see everything so brightly decorated. Why was I called that? I love love LOVED all things rainbows… I colored rainbows EVERYWHERE, I saturated my bedroom in rainbows, my Christmas ornaments usually had rainbows,  many of my clothes were rainbow themed, and I (OF COURSE) loved rainbow bright. Yes yes yes… I absolutely was THE RAINBOW KID!

A few years ago I saw a rainbow striped cake photo somewhere in web 2.0 and this rainbow kid has been DYING to try one.

My birthday seemed like the PERFECT excuse to do nothing & feel zero guilt in a major cooking project… furthermore… it’s not healthy train appropriate… not even a little bit. SO… my birthday seemed like the absolute best day to try this.

Now, I’ve never made a layer cake… let alone a SIX layer cake… so, it was quite the undertaking. I did a lot of reading/researching in perfect layer cake making/frosting. 😀

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early and headed to the grocery store.   I spent a couple of hours shopping feeling SO grown up and domesticated buying these ooh la la cake-making accessories.  By ooh la la I mean… a $9 spatula, $10 cake stand and 2 round cake pans for $13. OH YES… FANNNNCY!

Here’s the beginning of my cake-making project 🙂 No, they’re not each flavored differently…  Yes, that’s food color.  Doesn’t it look like I should be dipping Easter eggs in those???

I had two round cake pans… so the layers were made in 3 baking shifts.

Layer one 🙂

It’s REALLY starting to come together now.

Ryan and Andrea (our good friends) showed up right before I frosted the amazingness when Andrea exclaimed… “BOBBI! YOU MATCH YOUR CAKE!!!” She insisted that Ryan take a photo (as Mike was out grilling the BBQ chicken). I handed off my camera… took a look at the LCD and yes yes yes… she was absolutely right! I DO look like my cake!!!!

twenty nine candles…

Mom was over and she watched the cake making process… Needless to say we were just WIGGLIN’ with excitement to see what the cake looked like when I cut into it.  I cut a HUGE piece so that we could get the full effect 🙂


Mom and Andrea were just as thrilled 🙂 Ryan is clearly in awe. 😀 Addison was more concerned with what it tasted like.

HEALTHY TRAIN FAIL!!!!!!! Oh well… it was my birthday… 🙂 and it was perfect.

Oh, and as for its taste…. YUMTOWN, USA!!!!! I even made HOME MADE buttercream icing which was perfectly applied with my brand new aforementioned $9 spatula. 😉 See… TOLD YOU I WAS DOMESTICATED 😉

As for all of you who sent me birthday wishes… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You sure do know how to make a girl feel loved!  I wish that I had time to respond to each and every single one of you.  So, thanks friends 😀 BIG time!



PS. Mike’s THIRTIETH birthday is in August… I’m 100000% open for suggestions… anyone have any amazing ideas? PLEASE????